Two minor girls gangraped in Hinjewadi; one dies in hospital

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Pune – There has been an incident of gangrape of two minor girls by showing chocolate bait. One of these girls died during treatment. This is shocking and tragic incident took place in the Hinjewadi area. A 22-year-old labourer and his 17-year-old friend has been caught by police.

One of the accused is Ganesh Nikam (22). Two girls of Kasarsai village had gone to play in the temple premises on Sunday. Ganesh and his companion saw them and followed them. After this, both of them lured away the girls under pretext of giving them chocolates and raped them in the bushes. The accused had given the girls the threat that they would kill me if they told anything about the incident.

So both of them did not tell the family anything out of fear. The parents of these two girls are labourers. In the meantime, on Tuesday (September 18th), one of the girls complained of stomach ache and her parents rushed her to hospital. The case of rape was revealed during medical check-up. After understanding this serious and intimidating thing, the doctors immediately informed about this to Hinjewadi police station. Being in a state of unconsciousness, the police were having trouble finding crime information. Finally, the second girl told the family about the rape and police were informed.