Under-Construction Pune-Ahmednagar Bridge Collapses; PWD Announces Reconstruction

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Pune/Ahmednagar, 13th June 2024: Three days ago, an under-construction bridge over the Bhima River, connecting the Pune and Ahmednagar districts, collapsed. The Public Works Department (PWD) has acknowledged the bridge’s deteriorated condition and announced plans to reconstruct it. This bridge, costing approximately Rs. 20 crores, spans the Bhima River between Daund city and Gar village in Shrigonda taluka of Ahmednagar district.

Currently, residents must use boats to cross the riverbed to travel from Daund to Gar and nearby villages like Arvi and Ajnuj in Ahmednagar district. The bridge aims to provide direct connectivity to these villages and enhance accessibility.

The collapse occurred due to weak foundations, exacerbated by low water levels in the riverbed during summer. Residents had previously raised concerns with the PWD about construction quality. Complaints highlighted instances where concrete had deteriorated, exposing iron bars in some pillars, and reported tilting of under-construction pillars.

Following the collapse, engineers from the Pune PWD inspected the site. Atul Chavan, Chief Engineer, acknowledged the poor construction quality and confirmed the demolition of the bridge. Plans are now underway to restart construction.

Pune District Collector Dr. Suhas Diwase emphasized the importance of prompt communication of information due to public discontent over the incident.