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New Delhi : The Union Home Secretary Shri Rajiv Gauba today inaugurated the two day, 6th Interpol Liaison Officers Conference at CBI(HQ) in New Delhi. It is being organised by CBI which is the National Central Bureau (NCB) of India and represents India in the Interpol. Around 37 Interpol Liaison Officers (ILOs), including ADGPs, IGPs, Joint CPs, Directors, Additional Directors, Joint Directors, DIGs and SPs from states, Union Territories and other law enforcement agencies are attending the conference.

In his inaugural address, the Union Home Secretary Shri Rajiv Gauba said law enforcement agencies need to remain updated in their knowledge about working of the Interpol and its data-bases and how to use them effectively and, therefore, a conference of this nature is important. The Home Secretary said that while the term “Globalization” is normally used in the context of economics – trade liberalisation and allowing foreign investments etc, almost in parallel, due to technological breakthroughs, crime has also become globalised. The digital revolution allows criminals to move funds across borders. Thus, there is a dangerous confluence of financial globalisation and digital technology facilitating cyber crime, narcotics trade and financing of terror. The Home Secretary emphasized that in the midst of the digital revolution, law enforcement agencies have realised that they cannot operate in silos. In the scenario of seamless internet and easy mobility, there is an urgent need for real time sharing of information and greater mutual coordination amongst law enforcement agencies, in order to optimize their responses. Interpol is uniquely placed to support law enforcement agencies of its member countries in this endeavour, he emphasized.

Shri Gauba also observed that during its 53 years as the designated National Central Bureau of India, the CBI being the window of Interpol to Indian agencies has acquired considerable domain expertise in use of Interpol tools and data bases. He also said that the power of the information revolution should be fully utilised by agencies.

CBI being the National Central Bureau-India(International Police Cooperation Unit) is coordinating with Indian law enforcement agencies and assisting them in matters of International Police Cooperation. For coordinating with state law enforcement agencies, Interpol Liaison Officers (ILOs) have been designated as contact points. The two day Interpol Liaison Officers Conference will discuss extradition; Interpol’s Operational Data bases-Data management and search tools and Interpol Notices System including RPD/Red Notice.

Director, CBI Shri Rishi Kumar Shukla said the aim of the conference is to familiarise and update Interpol Liaison Officers about the functioning and capabilities of the Interpol and a platform to share experiences.

The Director also mentioned that Interpol has been constantly upgrading its tools to meet the challenges of new emerging crime and giving valuable assistance to member countries. It is also supporting member countries in improving the quality of data bases in order to enable the law enforcement community to make well-informed tactical, operational or strategic decisions.

ILO conferences are being organised by the IPCU of CBI since 2003. Five Conferences have been organised so far.

On this occasion, the Union Home Secretary also released a hand book on “Investigation Abroad and Extradition”.