Union Minister Piyush Goel appeals to make Pune first digitally smart city

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Pune, 27 Nov. : Union Minister of State (Independent Charge)  for Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy Piyush Goel on Sunday appealed to the Puneites to make the city first digitally smart city. He asked the citizens to let Pune make a beginning to bring digital revolution in the country and help Pune to be the first cashless city. He expressed the trust that the Pune has the potential to become the
smartest city.

Shri. Goel was speaking at the Pune INC Conclave organised by Goel Gnaga Group a concerned corporate citizens’ initiative titled ‘Demonetization to Remonetization’. Shereen Bhan, Managing Editor of TV 18, interviewed him on the historic decision of demonetization and its aftermath,
especially its effect on the corporate world. Many dignitaries and Who’s Who of the business sector in Pune including Atul Chordia,Krishn Kumar Goel, Sudhir Darode, Kumar Gera,  Pravin Agarwal among others were present on the occasion. All trade associations including Credai, MCCIA, FICCI, Floo, and specially youngesters extended their support to the initiative.

Shri. Goel started his interview by saying that it was always pleasure to be Pune as a lot of highly intellectual discourse took place here. He said, “Demonetization is not the right word and the right term willbe the cancelling high denomination notes. It was not a sudden decision neither it was taken at the spur of the moment. I believethat this decision was in the planning for long time. Only a handful of the people knew about the move and we were as shell shocked asanybody in this room. All of us were excited because this move wastruly historic.”

Explaining the timing for the sudden decision by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he explained that the Parliament session was coming and thereafter model code of conduct would have been in effect due to impending election. He also ridiculed the opposition party’s demand
for need of giving a week’s time by saying that country has liked it but some leaders are upset because they had been hurt very badly. He also criticized former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech in the parliament in which he had described the demonetization as the organized loot. “Everyone knows how organized Commonwealth Games were, 1.70 lakh crore lost in 2G scam were and 1.86 lakh croe in Coalgate scam,” he said.

Disclosing the idea behind the exercise, he said, “Demonetization isnot about the replacing the notes alone – it is about attacking theblack money. This move is about honest persons having premium on their honesty. This is all about change and habits. Our government did not accept the proposal for Rs 5000 and Rs 10000 notes. We want to eradicate the fake currency and terror financing also. The intent here was taking people by surprise and instill fear in those who horde notes. The RBI found that half of the Rs. 1000 notes and a third ofRs. 500 notes have never come back in the system for years after being issued from banks. This money must have been stacked somewhere.
Whatever money unearthed from this exercise will go for the welfare of the people.”

“This move is for moving India into a cashless society. It will reduce corruption because the people will be afraid to hold money in earlierform. digital banking is the future which will bring financial
inclusion. People resort to avoiding taxes not by choice but by force. As more and more money comes into banks and inflation goes downwards,the interest rates will come down and affordable housing will be available. Welfare of the poor people of India will be our first priority,” he said.He firmly refused the idea of abolition of the income tax and said there was no such proposal. He said, “PM Modi knows what he is doing. There are things to come. There are more ways to put this money in good use. Industry and businesses may not get short term gains through
it, but they will benefit in long term.

He expressed the trust that the business community would participate in this effort. In his welcome address, Atul Goel, MD, Goel Ganga Group, said, “Pune is a smart city and always will remained so. We concerned citizens are proud to participate in this noble work.”