Unlocking the Secrets of Property Healing: A Journey with Sherrin Mehta

Sherrin Mehta
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Pune, 29th November 2023: Sherrin Mehta, a trailblazer in property healing, is reshaping our perspective on the energy that surrounds us. Her journey started in 2015 as a personal exploration, and it has evolved into a mission to bring positivity into our living and working spaces. With a unique gift for sensing and comprehending energy within these environments, she focuses on relationships and addressing the challenges we encounter.

Sherrin’s journey revolves around the idea that humans are fundamentally composed of energy, with emotions influencing our energy levels and, consequently, the environments we occupy. Positivity emanates when we’re happy, while negativity can permeate our surroundings during times of distress. This concept applies to various places, including homes, workplaces, cafes, hospitals, and construction sites.

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