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Punekar News's photo.In order to provide a substantial boost to ongoing flood relief, additional army relief teams have been airlifted from Hyderabad and Delhi today, ie, 4th Dec.

Although the flood situation has improved somewhat, however, keeping in mind the weather uncertainty, relief capacity has been enhanced. A total of thirteen relief teams were airlifted in Phases. Of these, five teams from Hyderabad and eight teams from Delhi were transported to Arakkonam in four C17 Globemaster aircrafts. With these teams, the army has been able to deploy additional strength in the worst flood affected areas such as Mudicherry, T Nagar, Tiruneermalai, Tambaram, Kothupuram, Perangudi. Presently, a total of 53 relief teams are engaged in flood relief. With these, army has been able to rescue approximately 5525 people from different areas of Punekar News's photo.Punekar News's photo.Chennai till today afternoon. In addition, a total of eight more rescue teams have been mobilized in Delhi and are awaiting induction subject to further requirement. Army has also built up capacity to deploy Primary Health Centers along with dispensaries to deal with anticipated flood related medical problems. Essentially most of the ailments in such cases are caused because of failure of proper water supply and sewage systems. Incidence of water borne and vector borne diseases are anticipated to rise. Thus army is not only catering for current crisis but is also gearing up to respond to emerging health situation in the aftermath of floods.

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