Uttar Pradesh: Yogi Govt’s 8 Mega Infrastructure Projects in Ayodhya Have Significant Potential

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Ayodhya, 4th January 2024: The Yogi government’s ambitious plan of implementing eight mega infrastructure projects in Ayodhya holds significant potential to transform the city into a global hub. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is personally overseeing the progress of these projects.

Reports indicate that projects worth Rs 30.8 crores are slated for completion this year, marking a significant step towards making Ayodhya a world-class city. These projects aim to streamline various infrastructure developments within the city.

During the Global Investors Summit held in Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya secured investments worth 6 crores. The Yogi government has meticulously planned the execution of these investments on the ground to drive successful outcomes in the city.

Since Yogi assumed power in Uttar Pradesh in 2017, he has harnessed the potential of the Double Engine government to develop Ayodhya comprehensively. Through 178 infrastructure projects totaling Rs 30.5 crores, the Yogi government has been working in mission mode to elevate Ayodhya to the status of a global city.

These eight mega projects not only aim to restore Ayodhya’s historical glory but also envision a modern, inclusive, sustainable, clean, and Aayushmaan City.

One of the standout projects among these eight is the recently completed International Airport, built at a cost of Rs 1400 crores, with Rs 1100 crores contributed by the Uttar Pradesh government. Chief Minister Yogi personally oversaw the land acquisition process for this international airport. Additionally, the Ayodhya railway junction project has recently been inaugurated. After the completion of various solar-related projects by March, Ayodhya is set to establish itself as a Solar City.

In January, the inauguration of the Ram Mandir is scheduled. Alongside this, the completion of the four-lane Ayodhya-Akbarpur-Baskhari Road at a cost of Rs 428 crores, the railway link from NH 27 to Rampath, the overbridge at the railway crossing at Pancha Kosi Parikrama, and the railway overbridge at Darshan Nagar are also expected. Furthermore, projects such as the multi-level parking at Amaniganj, smart vehicle parking at the collectorate office, interpretation walls at Chauhadkosi and Panchakosi, development of 25 tourist places along Parikrama Marga, and the installation of decorative and heritage lighting, along with Kaushalyaa Sadan, are slated for completion in January.

February will see seven municipal wards in Ayodhya receiving 24*7 water supply. The Fatehganj railway overbridge (ROB) at Ayodhya Akbarpur link is scheduled for completion in March. In the same month, the Ayodhya Bilhoarghat Four Lane Road, beautification of Guptar Ghat, and the provision of tourist facilities from Naya Ghat to Laksham Ghat are expected to be finalized.

March will witness the completion of the shelter house near Awadh Bus Stop, the construction of Kalyan Bhavan at Naka Bypass, and the establishment of four historic gates in Awadh. Part 1 of the Ayodhya sewerage scheme will be completed, and the widening of Panchakosi Parikrama Marga, worth 473 crores, is slated for completion in July. The Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar International Sport Complex is set to be established in September. The 114 crore worth project of widening Chauhadkosi Parikrama Marga is expected to conclude in October. The Zonal Urban Facilitation Centre at Ayodhya is projected to be completed around November-December, along with the grand buildings of Ayodhya Development Authority and Ayodhya Municipal Council in the same period.