Uttarakhand declares cow as ‘Rashtra Mata’, is the first state in the country

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Dehradun – Uttarakhand, which declares cow to be ‘Nation Mother’, has become the first state in the country to do so. The bill has been passed in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly and the proposal will now be sent to the central government. Uttarakhand Animal Husbandry Minister Rekha Arya had proposed in the Legislative Assembly.

Regarding this proposal, Arya said, “We all know the importance of cow. Cows are also honored not only in India but in other countries too. Cows are also mentioned in religious texts. It is said that there are 33 million Goddesses in the stomach of cow. If the cow gets the status of Rashtra Mata, then proper steps will be taken for its safety, so that cow slaughter will also stop.”

Meanwhile, Opposition leader Indira Hridayesh said, “We have no objection to giving cow the status of nation mother. But this is beyond understanding what the BJP has to prove. Gaushalas in the state are not in good condition. Many people sell their cows when they become old. The number of animal hospitals is also low in the state.”

He further said, “Instead of bringing this proposal, they should have done something for old cows, their calf, gaushalas.”

Meanwhile, after getting the views of BJP, Congress and other party MLAs, the Speaker passed the resolution on the basis of the voting.