Vaccine On Wheels, India’s first doctor-based mobile vaccination clinic, celebrates their 2 million mark

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Pune, March 25th , 2022: With over 185+ mobile vaccination units deployed across the country, Vaccine on Wheels (VOW) successfully administered a million vaccination doses in less than a year, making #missionamillion a success two times over. With their first vaccination dose administered in April 2021, they have come a long way by administering 20,00,000 + vaccine doses across 6 states and 37 districts in the country and reaching out to the rural and underprivileged pockets of the urban population.


The concept of Vaccine on Wheels is a unique one-stop mobile vaccination clinic with the vision to reduce inequality and increase immunization penetration. To ensure access for all economic strata, VOW creates hospital-like sterile setups near their communities providing vaccination services. This agile setup reduces the overall costs and thereby makes quality vaccination service available and affordable for all age groups.


VOW, through its continued efforts, managed to administer vaccines to almost 75% of the inaccessible population comprising of the rural poor, the slum population, and the deprived members of the society who neither have the access nor the knowledge on the vaccination process. Vaccination was also made accessible to people residing in remote locations and suffering from different ailments.


Vaccine on Wheels units also started organizing Covid vaccination camps for schools and colleges so that more children between the age group of 15-17 years can be immunized, thus contributing immensely to the government’s dream of a fully vaccinated population.  Proper care and counselling were given to the students before giving the vaccine shots.


The agile setup helps the VOW services to cater to schools, colleges, offices, gated communities, and rural pockets and create vaccination camps at their doorstep during such testing times. It is also the only mobile vaccination clinic to carry the emergency kit on AEFI, which indicates their commitment to the cause.


Commenting on the same Jignesh Patel, Founder and CEO VaccineOnWheels said, “It gives us immense pleasure to have successfully reached the 1 million vaccination mark.  This is our mission to support the government and society in getting the underprivileged population immunized adhering to the WHO guidelines. The highly motivated individuals at Jivika Healthcare are constantly creating awareness throughout society and inviting communities/individuals to the vaccination drives, which makes this such a huge success. Through constant coordination with local bodies to identify locations that need vaccination services, VOW has been able to reach more than 36 districts across the country, covering states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Telangana, and Karnataka.


With utmost gratitude, we would like to compliment the noble efforts of all NGO partners to help VaccineOnWheels take vaccination to the grassroots level in rural as well as urban pockets of the country with the ultimate aim of increasing the accessibility of vaccines for the hard to reach underprivileged”.


In an economy like India, where sometimes the health clinic is located 30–40 km away from one’s home or village or is completely unavailable, mobile vans are the optimum solution to reach the masses and increase the rate of vaccination. Vaccine On Wheels makes Covid vaccination accessible for people at remote and suffering from various ailments.