VaccineOnWheels ready to scale-up in alignment with India’s Vaccination Drive to build Covid-free India

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Pune, 27th December 2021: VaccineOnWheels (VOW), part of Jivika Healthcare Group, having India’s 1st Doctor based Mobile vaccination clinic is expanding its reach to the newly opened age category of 15yrs – 18yrs in all cities of its operation.  Starting January 03, 2022, VaccineOnWheels is ready to begin inoculating the new population group alongside providing booster doses to senior citizens and frontline workers.

Operational in Maharashtra, Telengana and Karnataka, VaccineonWheels with their 100+ Mobile Clinics has administered more than half a million COVID-19 vaccinations since April 2021. The company is underway in expanding its reach into Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu where it will be adding 50+ units by January 2022.  This will bring the total operational units to 150+ with a capability to administer more than 25000 doses a day.

Commenting on the same Jignesh Patel, Founder and CEO VaccineOnWheels said,” VaccineOnWheels is an example of an innovative, community-driven approach and has been agile in reaching out to the rural and underprivileged population to support the tireless COVID-19 vaccination efforts of the country. This will help ensure we reduce any and all barriers for those who want to receive COVID-19 vaccine, particularly in rural and underprivileged population. We have already administered more than half a million vaccines and are aiming to vaccinate 25,000 per day to reach the target of vaccinating 3 million people by March 2021. Our efforts are aligned to PM Narendra Modi’s vision of ensuring that every citizen gets a chance to be vaccinated in a timely manner”

Under its Public Private Partnership, VaccineOnWheels has partnered with Government, NGOs and CSR Partners in taking their unique Mobile Vaccination services to the community level within rural parts of India and some of the urban parts – helping the country increase the accessibility of vaccination.

Amid the rapidly increasing Omicron threat, the only way to protect the country from a future fatal outbreak of COVID-19 is to vaccinate against it. It is, nevertheless, a difficult task, particularly in rural India. However, VaccineOnWheels is an apt response to it as it can go anywhere people live and work, meeting people where they are. No matter where you live, what language you speak, or what hours you work, the Doctor based Mobile Vaccination Clinics in partnership with Government makes it easy to get a vaccine that protects you, your family, and your community.

Prime Minister Modi made the announcement to begin vaccination for children in the age group of 15 -18 years from 3rd January and for senior citizens with comorbidities from 10th January 2022. As of 23 December 2021, India has administered over 1.39 billion doses overall, including first and second doses of the currently-approved vaccines.