Value Added Content Marketing for Educational Institutes

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Content marketing is very popular these days, but many organizations are unclear of its value. Content marketing is content created primarily for marketing purposes, that educates and informs your prospective customers. Whether you want to raise awareness of your brand, promote a new program, or attract new students, content marketing can help you with that.

Institutes still use same marketing tactics such as paper ads, hoardings, handbill distribution, etc. to attract and enrol the best students possible. These methods are very costly and ineffective. Content marketing is a powerful tactic that can help educational institutions reach a wider audience while improving their returns.

CEO of Career Lift Ed-Tech, Mr. Nitil Gupta says, “Educational Institutes such as coachings, schools, colleges and universities can use value added content marketing to boost branding and admission of their institute. Relevant content will engage students and help Institutes to develop relationship with potential students.”

Career Lift Ed-Tech provides a unique way of ‘value added content marketing’ to educational institutes. These products have content that is valuable to students and generate trust. Institutes can brand themselves through these products and attract higher number of prospective students.