Vidyut Parivahan to change the last-mile delivery scenario in Pune with Altigreen

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Pune, 28 October 2021: With an objective of making Pune greener by focusing on intra-city cargo delivery with electric vehicles, Vidyut Parivahan has launched its last-mile delivery services with Bengaluru-based commercial EV manufacturer Altigreen. The company has set a robust plan to align its operations and ideas with the policy and vision of the state government for a pollution-free Maharashtra. Altigreen is already redefining the last-mile cargo delivery with its road-ready EV NEEV and the company will help to bring down logistic costs for e-commerce and FMCG companies substantially to build a trustworthy service in the western city.



Understanding the opportunities and benefits of electric mobility, Vidyut Parivahan is setting up 40 vehicle charging and parking centers in Wagholi. According to the company’s CEO, Siddhartha Mitra, the company is starting off with 20 commercial EVs and is planning to build a charging hub to support smooth operations on delivery routes. With excellent performance of Altigreen EVs that deliver 120 km a day with a capacity of 550kg load on city traffic, it is confident of serving most of its customers in Pune.




“The piqued interest for commercial EVs for last-mile delivery and logistics have opened huge opportunities in Pune. Our objective is to make Pune greener and make its roads future-ready especially with commercial EVs and we are getting a phenomenal and positive response from customers. We are looking forward to focusing on the Pune market for a year, and then we will expand the ambit of our operations to other cities by gaining expertise and experience. Altigreen has done excellent work across the country to make Indian roads go completely electric and we hope that our partnership will help us to achieve our collective goal of greener and cost-efficient cargo delivery solutions in the city and achieve the objectives of Maharashtra government,” Siddhartha Mitra, CEO, Vidyut Parivahan.




After its launch, the company will be working towards reducing carbon footprints in the city. Also, it is working in the direction to leverage the huge opportunities in last-mile delivery and EV segments to generate employment opportunities for youth. Currently, it has started with electric 3Ws but it also plans to expand its portfolio to electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers too. It is now looking forward to offering its services to e-commerce players, large and small distributors of grocery, poultry, electronics, medicines, FMCG products, gas cylinders, mobile tea stalls or eateries, goods delivery in local mandis, and others.  Vidyut will also have an internal technical team trained at Altigreen to ensure service continuity.




“Our EV solutions are receiving an astounding response in the Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai markets, and this partnership will open doors of opportunities for us in the west and strengthen our presence on the national map. The increasing popularity of major e-commerce and FMCG players is causing the fast adoption of EVs in cargo operations with 3PL operators on a pan-India basis. With the emergence of high volume, low weight categories like e-commerce, fruits, vegetables, medicines, white goods distribution, retail, and others, there is a strong need to move out from diesel options in 3 wheeler and 4 wheeler segments to make ways for clean, efficient, reliable and low-cost EVs in intracity commercial transportation,” said Amitabh Saran, CEO, Altigreen.

Notably, Altigreen is already winning the hearts of customers in Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. The company has brought a paradigm shift in cargo delivery with its state-of-art solutions and is the only company that offers an 11 kWh battery to deliver 120km with 550kg load in city conditions.



“The transformation towards the future of electric mobility is accelerated by the rising awareness among customers who find EVs more convenient, cost-effective, and sustainable for a greener future. The increased attention from governments, development of infrastructure, and rising fuel prices have also contributed towards its growth. The penetration of e-commerce players in cities like Pune is very deep and the rising need for last-mile delivery will create more job and revenue opportunities in this segment,” Mr. Arun Pande, Industry Expert.