Vijender Singh boostsmorale of Rabindra World School, Gurgaon on their Annual Sports Day

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Gurgaon, 9 December 2018: Olympic medallist and WBO Asian Pacific Title and WBO Oriental Super Middle Weight Title Holder, Boxer Vijender Singh graced the closing ceremony of the Annual Sports Day of Rabindranath World School at Tau Devi Lal Sports Complex in Gurgaon today.
Also, present on the occasion was the Vice-Charmain of the school Mr Gaurav Tomar along with Air Commodore Ripun Gupta and Air Commodore Grover, among other distinguished dignitaries.
Vijender who was the guest of honour at the school event was particularly impressed with the active participation of so many children in different disciplines at the annual sports day.
” I have never participated in any activity in my school days and it’s amazing to see so many students actively taking part in the event”.
Vijender also handed out medals and trophies to the students of the school for their outstanding sporting achievements.
Encouraging the young sports stars Vijender said, ” You shouldn’t face any sort of pressure while competing in a game. The most important thing is to compete and give your 100% each time. Being a sports person there will be days where things necessarily don’t go your way but the best you can do is to give your 100% and hope for the best result.” Vijender also addressed the parents with the importance of physical activities and diets for young children. “It is very important to let children do what they like to do than forcing them to pursue a career in a particular field. I would have never been a boxer if my parents hadn’t supported me. It is also important to take care of our children’s diets these days as it will shape the way he/she will grow up in the future”.
The principal of the school Ms.Manisha Singh Tomar said “At the grass root level, it is very important that young kids have a good and professional experience when they play sports for the first time. There have been many instances where youngsters have stopped playing a sport or have been barred by their parents because of unpleasant experiences in their build-up years.”
“The main idea of inviting Vijender was to encourage the value of sports among the students. He being an Olympic medalist and a pro boxer, Vijender is a perfect inspiration for the students who want to do well in sports in the future. Also, boxing is a game which teaches a lot about self-defence, which is a very important part of our school curriculum especially for the girls “.
Ever since its inception, Rabindranath World School had always put emphasis towards the excellence of Sports in the school. The school has world-class infrastructures with specialised coaches in, boxing, mixed martial arts, tennis, basketball, football among others.