Violent Clash Between Tourists and Rafting Guides in Rishikesh Goes Viral

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Rishikesh, 9th June 2024: A disturbing video showing a violent clash between tourists and rafting guides in Rishikesh has recently gone viral, tarnishing the reputation of this popular tourist destination. The footage captures individuals attacking each other and using paddles as weapons during a river rafting outing.


June marks a bustling tourist season in India, with many flocking to destinations like Rishikesh. Known for its spiritual ambiance, visitors come to explore temples, participate in the Ganga Aarti ceremony, and engage in adventures like white-water rafting.


The viral video, captioned, “Tourists who had come for rafting and boatmen clashed. As a result, many people were injured. This video of the fight that took place on the banks of the Ganges has gone viral in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand,” has garnered lakhs of views and numerous comments.


Reactions to the video vary. One user commented, “Tourists should not be treated like this; then what do you want to say about your country?” Another user shared a positive experience, writing, “I went river-rafting with my friends in Rishikesh once. Our boatman was very friendly and courteous and held a deep respect for the river. I don’t know what happened here, but it’s likely the tourists might have started some trouble.” A third user added, “According to what I heard about this incident, the tourists were drinking alcohol on the riverbanks despite being told not to. When confronted, they started verbally abusing people, which led to them being beaten up.”


As the video continues to circulate, it raises concerns about the safety and behavior of both tourists and service providers in Rishikesh.