Wagholi gets its first Solar Plant

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Pune, January 22, 2018: Pune’s Non-Government organization(NGO), Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana (BJS) has taken an initiative to contribute towards renewable energy by installing a Solar Plant with the help of Kalpak Power Pvt. Ltd. This first ever plant at Wagholi is with a capacity of 120 kWp and stationed at Wagholi Educational Rehabilitation Center (WERC) which has been hosting tribal students from various parts of Maharashtra, recently.

This Solar Power Plant was inaugurated at the hands of Kishor Shinde, General Manager (Solar), Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) in presence of Arun Nahar, Trustee of BJS, Rounak Muthiyan, Director, Kalpak Power Pvt. Ltd, Nitin Muthiyan and Rajendra Nahar also from Kalpak Power.

While giving information about this project, Rounak Muthiyan, “The solar plant is expected to cover 40% of the power requirements and save upto Rs.12 Lac per year. It will also reduce 175.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. The power plant will generate up to 40 lakh units over the life of the system.”

MEDA, a Govt. of Maharashtra enterprise has provided 30% central financial assistance to BJS, under the ‘Grid-connected Rooftop and Small Power Plants Programme’, making it an economically viable project. This plant has been installed by Kalpa Power Pvt. Ltd. who specialises in designing, building and implementing systems for generating solar power, under the same MEDA scheme. This company also registered as an NGO believes in making power more reliable, affordable and environment friendly and has managed to commission close to 7 megawatts of Solar Power in just few years.

Arun Nahar expained that, “Being an NGO, it is of utmost importance to look for projects that can help save money and utilize the savings for the social cause and finding and installing such a project is a matter of great joy for us. The purpose of financial saving will also be achieved through this project and it will be useful for the society.”