WaveMaker Upgrades Its Award-Winning RAD Platform to Enhance the User Experience

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Chennai, September 20, 2017 – WaveMaker, Inc., a leading enterprise Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform software company, today announced its latest software upgrade, WaveMaker 9. The tool–which revolutionized cloud-based development with zero DevOps required, and allowed globally distributed teams to collaborate and build apps seamlessly—now has a new user experience-focused interface.

The latest version is a boon for users of the platform. Because 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website, user experience-driven engagement becomes extremely crucial. That’s why the WaveMaker 9 upgrade focuses on a simplified and friendly first-time user experience.

The upgrade comes with video tutorials and tool run-throughs that onboard fellow/partner developers and give them a clearer picture about the functions of all the components of the platform. Also, users don’t have to leave the WaveMaker tool interface to seek out guiding documents. The latter are integrated inside the product itself, making it easier for users to consult the documentation rapidly and seamlessly. The true potential of the platform comes out through this integration. On the whole, this onboarding exercise is shaped from incisive analytical insights that ensure higher retention rate of, and smoother navigation for, users.

“The value of digital experience is increasing and can be seen in every click and swipe by users. A good user experience is a magic pill for enterprises today, as it results in repeat visits and high user retention,” said Vijay Pullur, CEO of WaveMaker. “Those are the two pillars on which we designed WaveMaker 9. Our research, and the insights we gained from that research, allowed us to shape WaveMaker’s low-coding RAD platform with an augmented user experience that empowers developers to be extremely efficient in app development.”

The enhanced WaveMaker 9 UI is clutter-free wherein a user can focus better on developing apps using the RAD platform. A bolstered UI delivers a powerful but highly simplified user experience and engagement.

API integration is omnipresent today, however it requires advanced levels of coding for proper authentication, such as with OAuth. WaveMaker’s latest version offers a much simpler OAuth 2.0 integration, which does not require writing a single line of code. Additionally, prefab integration has been upgraded in the release, so that new integrations can be added seamlessly to the platform without the need for an update. Prefabs are small, independent microapps that users can stack up to develop apps, and also test and deploy them.  In future releases, WaveMaker plans to introduce more integrations and partnerships that result in release automation and, in turn, business agility.

Studio is now Rapid

Part of the WaveMaker family, WaveMaker Studio has been rechristened as Rapid, highlighting the increased pace of developing business apps through an enhanced UX, which also contributes to a simple user experience All new upgrades to the WaveMaker family point to one outcome–new users can now navigate and create apps more easily.