Way to become a Superpower in the World is to have Partnerships with Africa: Dammu Ravi

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Pune, 20/01/2023: Developed Nations like the United States of America have realized the importance of Africa and they are holding multiple summits with them. If India and China want to reach the top, then the only way to reach there is having partnerships with Africa, said Shri Dammu Ravi, Secretary (ER), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Symbiosis School of International Studies (SSIS), Symbiosis International (Deemed University) organized the 8th edition of the International Relations Conference titled: India and Africa: Old Partners, New Challenges and Opportunities. Shri Dammu Ravi, Secretary (ER), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India was invited as the Chief Guest for the Inaugural Ceremony of the Conference. During the Ceremony Shri. Dammu Ravi also Inaugurated “Symbiosis Centre for Engagement with Africa” (SCEA).

The Conference will be held on 20th and 21st January 2023 at Symbiosis International University Campus, Lavale, Pune. The four sessions will provide a platform for strategists/analysts/academia/corporates to deliberate upon the geostrategic, geo-economic, and socio-cultural importance of the African region. The conference will also discuss how India can re-energize and further strengthen its partnerships with African countries.

Speaking at the occasion Shri. Dammu Ravi said, India and Africa both had a common struggle which was a struggle for freedom. Both the countries had iconic figures during those times- Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson There was a similarity of unfairness and need for justice in both the nations. 20th Century was largely defined by the freedom struggle in the African countries.

Africa has undergone a change and this has turned into a nation building of Africa. African countries are not struggling anymore, Shri. Dammu Ravi added further.

Indian companies should start manufacturing units in Africa, this will expand the scope of economic activities with them. We have to set up infrastructures in Africa. This is an opportunity for the educational institutions like Symbiosis which are forward looking Institutions in our country. Institutions like Symbiosis should start Medical College and Hospitals in Africa, said Shri. Dammu Ravi.

After studies India should give an extended Visa to African students so that they can upgrade their skills by working here. We should work Symbiotically with Africa, Shri. Dammu Ravi added further.

Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, Founder and President, Symbiosis and Chancellor, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) in his presidential address mentioned that countries like America have started showing interest in Africa. They can help Africa by giving them Missiles and other Military Weapons but we Indians should win their Minds and this can be done by giving them a quality education through maximum scholarships. African students are well-wishers of India. They are the future Ambassadors of India in their countries after taking the quality education from here.

Prof. Shivali Lawale, Director, Symbiosis School of International Studies gave Opening Remarks. Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director Symbiosis and Pro-Chancellor Symbiosis International University gave the Welcome Address. Dr. Rajani Gupte, Vice Chancellor, Symbiosis International University, gave Vote of Thanks.