WC 2023: Cyclone Menaces World Cup Semi-Final: Australia vs. South Africa in Jeopardy

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Kolkata, 14th November 2023: In a concerning turn of events, a cyclonic wind condition has emerged in the Bay of Bengal, raising fears of potential disruptions to the highly anticipated semi-final match between Australia and South Africa in the World Cup cricket tournament scheduled for November 16.

The current cyclonic condition is expected to evolve into a low-pressure area, possibly escalating into a full-fledged cyclone within the next four days, as reported by the Delhi Regional Special Meteorological Center (RSMC). This development is in line with the typical pre-monsoon and post-monsoon periods that are conducive to cyclone formation.

Last year, Cyclone Sitarang originated in the Bay of Bengal in October following the monsoon season. The RSMC warns that the cyclonic winds in the southeast direction of the Bay of Bengal may transform into a low-pressure area and intensify into a cyclone as it moves northwestward, potentially affecting the region around November 16.

Cricket enthusiasts, eagerly awaiting the semi-final clash at the iconic Eden Garden ground in Kolkata, now face uncertainty as the impending cyclone raises concerns about heavy rainfall on the crucial match day. The winner of this match will secure a coveted spot in the final round, heightening the importance of the game for fans worldwide.

Authorities and tournament organizers are closely monitoring the situation, contemplating potential measures to ensure the safety of players and spectators. As the cyclonic threat looms, the cricketing world remains on edge, hoping for a swift resolution to the weather-related challenges and the successful continuation of the World Cup tournament.