We are not getting any support from the Indian Government said Gold Medalist Rajeswari Vaidyanathan  

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While there are numerous Salsa and other Latin schools across the country especially in Maharashtra, which have existed for decades, VR DanceSports is one of the fastest growing Schools located in Mumbai that has brought a sea of change to the Latin and DanceSport scenario in India. World over, Salsa and Latin dance receives huge international support and recognition but Indian Latin and Salsa dancers Rajeswari Vaidyanathan and Shannon Benjamin who won the Gold Medal at the Asia Open Latin Championship are furthering the cause of this dance form without any support from corporate India or any government body. To grow and take the dance ahead, the Government of India support was imperative.

While talking to the media Rajeswari Vaidyanathan said, “We have received huge international support and recognition from Asian and European DanceSport federations due to the changes introduced by us, where finally India came into line with international standards. But we are not getting any support from the government in our country. There is lack of awareness about Latin Dance and financial issues. Since my mission was to spread Dancesport in India not just to my students, I have selflessly trained students of other strong Latin schools of India. I believe if I am able to take my competition itself to the next level, along with my they will also grow and together this will help DanceSport benefit.”