We have to be prepared for the change in the construction business after Covid19

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Pune, May 1, 2020: With the entire world struggling against the Corona pandemic, the construction sector will have to be prepared for many changes in the near future. At present, we will have to focus on construction labourers, their safety and the facilities available to them,” said Suhas Merchant, President, CREDAI-Pune Metro. He was speaking at an online seminar organized by the office bearers of CREDAI Pune Metro at the initiative Kushal CREDAI on the occasion of Maharashtra Day and International Labour Day today.


Members of CREDAI-Pune Metro including Ranjit Naiknavare, Vice President, Aditya Javdekar, Secretary, J.P.Shroff, Chairman, Kushal and Labour Welfare Committee, I.P. Inamdar, Member of the Managing Committee, Samir Parkhi, Admin and Labour Welfare Officer, and other members of Kushal and Labour Welfare Committee including Parag Patil, Sapna Rathi, Yash Bhandhari and Archana Badera among others were present during the online seminar.


Suhas Merchant added, “Labour is an important part of the construction business and we will have to make special efforts for this sector in the future. Consider the safety of the workers and make them more skilled, a specially designed Labour Quarters for the workers should be set up. There should be provision of baths and toilets for the male and female workers working at the site, along with regular cleaning of the site, health check up once a month and internal childcare facilities at the construction site. Also, just like we have a Customer Relations Officer, we should now consider hiring a Labour Relations Officer to address the problems faced by the workers. All of these efforts will create a sense of belonging to the workplace among workers from outside the state.”


Merchant also suggested that Kushal CREDAI should organize a competition at the Labour Quarters of each construction site to show the facilities available at the site for the workers.


“CREDAI Pune Metro will also undertake safety measures for its members’ sites and will also help the workers to increase their income by making them skilled, so that it can improve their standard of living,” he said.


As the state government has instructed the workers to return to their respective states, Suhas Merchant requested the CREDAI members to provide information to the workers about the passes required for it, the facilities provided for travel and the segregation that will take place once they return. He said that CREDAI had requested the government to provide relief to non-construction areas in the red zone after the lockdown.


“CREDAI Pune Metro is ready to help all its workers during this. However, in order for the workers to get the help from the state government, it is essential for every contractor to register their workers as soon as possible,” said Ranjit Naiknavare.


He added saying that similar online seminars will be conducted on behalf of CREDAI Pune Metro for the purpose of informing the builders about the measures to be taken at the construction site after the pandemic is over and how to sensitize the workers to return to work and what technical changes should be made in the construction business in the near future.


“After Covid19, the previous construction sector and the subsequent construction sector will be divided into two parts and that period will be a time of crisis for the builders, labourers and others involved in the business,” said J.P. Shroff.


I.P. Inamdar informed everyone about the social activities, which are being carried out by CREDAI Pune Metro during the lockdown.