What Are The Most Popular Sports in India

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India has a great relationship with sports. Young people are interested in a few different sports, with cricket being the most popular. They will often go to matches and hype their favorite team. But also sports fans will bet on. Many of them will use the parimatch bonus code India to get free bonuses.

Which sports are favorites among the Indian population? Let’s find out!


When we talk about our favorite sports and India, the first thing that comes to your mind is cricket. It is considered the national sport that is highly present in the life of Indians. You can find it in many different forms. From playing in small groups at local schools to playing professionally at the International Test, we can say that cricket is a top sport.

India has big names in the cricket world. Also, they have showcased their skills in prestigious championships and won prizes.


Football is a popular sport worldwide and is a favorite among Indian sports fans. It is the second most popular sport after cricket. Indian football fans don’t miss watching the TV matches played by national and international teams. The national team of India might not have positioned their country on the top of the charts. However, the country has hosted many international teams.


Basketball is another popular sport, and Indians don’t hesitate to participate. You will see youngsters playing this sport in educational facilities. And we can say it is one of the sports adored by both men and women.


India might not be a host for tennis matches. However, we can’t say that this sport is neglected in the country. This sport enjoys immense popularity, especially among young Indians across the states. It remains to be one of the most popular sports played in schools. However, playing tennis in singles isn’t so widespread. We can say that they prefer to play math in doubles.


Football might be a popular sport to watch. But there are other sports in which the population takes participation. India is known for its excellent badminton players. The Badminton Association of India is a dedicated body that manages this sport in the country. It is enough to mention that India has won Olympic medals in this sport.


In The past 20 years, this sport has been quite popular among Indians. Viswanathan Anand is a big name in chess, which has motivated many to get started with it. He has inspired many players to learn more about chess and develop their skills.

Final thoughts

The Indian population loves sports. We can say that they like both watching and practicing sports. Cricket is the most popular sport, played across the country by people of different ages. In addition, it is one of the favorites for sports betting. Chess has gained substantial prominence thanks to Anand. But also the Indian youth likes tennis and badminton. Therefore we can conclude that the sports landscape in India is quite rich.