“What Congress did in 60 years, PM Modi will not be able to do in 160 years”: A Varanasi local

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After the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi sounded the bugle for the start of the election campaign in Uttar Pradesh, now the Congress President, Smt Sonia Gandhi met people of Varanasi as Congress stormed the Constituency of PM Shri Narendra Modi. She held a road show with people as the Congress party works hard to fight to free Uttar Pradesh of the 27 years of misrule of BJP, SP and BSP.

In a great outpouring of affection, Congress President was greeted by 10,000 people on bikes and lakhs of supporters and well wishers on foot. A combination of belief in the Congress party’s vision and a realisation of PM Modi’s divisive politics and anti-people policies have resulted in people of Uttar Pradesh taking to the streets to show their support.

This roadshow is an attempt to tell the people the difference between the Congress and the BJP. In the run up to these elections, the BJP tried to stoke communal fire by bringing up the issue of exodus of Hindus from Kairana, which media reports showed to be a false claim. The Congress party, on the other hand, believes in spreading the message of inclusive development, social harmony and national integrity.

The Congress party has always striven for development for all. By instituting schemes like MGNREGA, RTE, Right to Food and RTI, the Congress created programmes which helped all disadvantaged groups in the country. We provided jobs and increased wages in the 10 years in power. The ideals which informed the Indian Constitution, of an equal and fair India, are entrenched in the ideology of the Congress. There can be no development and security in India, unless there is development and security for all.

Speaking to Congress party workers in Lucknow earlier this month, Rahul Gandhi said, “There are goondas in one Government, corruption in the other. In one, goondas will arrive outside a factory, in the other you have to feed the BSP’s elephant. The cycle doesn’t run on electricity, how will it generate any?”

With the mood in the UP changing, the Hindustan Times quoted Varanasi locals saying, “What Congress did in 60 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be able to do in 160 years.”

The State of Uttar Pradesh has suffered greatly in the 27 years of BJP, BSP and SP rule, with crime becoming an almost stereotypical description of the State. For almost 3 decades, the state of Uttar Pradesh has reeled under lawlessness, scant development, and deep social divisions, which political parties have taken advantage of for political gains.

In a series of videos (Dard-e-Banaras) published by the Congress party, we spoke to the common man in Varanasi and highlighted their concerns. Shri Avinash Pandya complained about the dirt that is omnipresent in the city and how only one ghat was cleaned for PM Modi’s arrival. Another local said that the Prime Minister only comes to Kashi to take photos. The most common complaint was how price rise has coincided with the ascension of Modi Government and how the PM has been unable, or indeed unwilling, to control price rise.

For too long the people of Uttar Pradesh have reeled under poor governance and threatened to silence by strong men of the ruling party in Lucknow. It is time for people to choose inclusive development and law and order, which only the Congress party can provide.

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