What You Should Know About Basic Online Blackjack Strategy 2021

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Blackjack is a real casino classic. No wonder, since the blackjack card game has everything an exciting and classy casino game needs: suspense, sometimes a certain speed and the thrill that every game of chance brings with it somehow. In the end, the question always arises whether you are lucky enough to win the next move in your online blackjack game.

There are corresponding strategy tables for the basic strategy that show each step.
The actions of the basic strategy are based on your own hand and the dealer card.
The basic strategy is not a guarantee of profit.

The basic strategy – here probability is the basis

Blackjack is a game of chance. Even if numerous probabilities play an important role in online blackjack – the luck factor cannot be denied in this game either. Even so, blackjack is a slightly different type of game than roulette, for example. For example, while in roulette, the player can only bet on a certain result and hope that the ball in the bowl will produce the result. In blackjack, the player can influence the game.

This is exactly where the basic strategy intervenes. Because this was developed to enable the player to help the luck on the jumps as much as possible, you can do this by using the blackjack probabilities as a guide when choosing the respective move.

Mathematicians discovered back in the 1950s that blackjack was a wonderful field of research because hardly any other game follows the probabilities so much and can be calculated so wonderfully.

This is how the basic strategy table works

To read the basic strategy table, one only needs to understand the right column and the top row. In the column on the right, the player finds all possible player hands after two cards. The top line shows the values ​​of the dealer’s up card. If you now move down from the value of the dealer card and to the right from the value of your own hand, then there is a point in the table where both meet. This indicates the move that is most likely to lead to a positive outcome in this situation.
In the table, you will find the following symbols:
“S” for stand – that means that you don’t draw any more cards.
“H” for the hit – draw another card.
“P” for Split – A pair is split.
“D” for double – here you double.
“H / P” – If the casino rules stipulate that it is still possible to double after a split, it will be split here. Otherwise: hit
“H / R” – give up if that’s allowed. Otherwise hit

This is how you can beat the blackjack dealer

To beat the online blackjack dealer, you need to land closer to 21 than he does. This is why the blackjack game is also called “21”—the hand of the player who lands closest to 21 wins. The danger here is always that you could overbought. This means that the player or dealer has more than 21 points in hand. It is always best to let the dealer overbought you. In this case, the player wins directly.

Basically, 17 points in blackjack are usually enough. If the player has 17 points in hand, there is a 69% risk of overbought. With 18 or more points, the danger naturally increases. Therefore, the risk of overbought is usually much greater than the risk of the dealer having a better hand. Therefore, the player should always hold back on a hand with 17 points. Only with a soft 17 can another card be drawn.

The most important move in the online blackjack game

The basic strategy can be easily summarized, apart from the table, which clearly shows where you should react and how. The line is drawn at the “glorious seven”. Any dealer card that is under seven is weak. In this case the player only draws until he has 12 points. If 12 or more points are reached, the player stops. The chance that the dealer will bust in this case is comparatively high.

The situation is different when the dealer has a first card that is higher than 7. In this case the player draws until he has 17 or more points. The risk of overbought is higher here than if the player stops at 12. But the risk of losing against a 9 from the dealer at 16, for example, is much higher.
The table can vary between soft hands (hands with an ace) and hard hands (hands without an ace).

What’s the point of doubling or sharing?

In various places the strategy table in blackjack online games speaks of doubling or splitting or splitting. In order to make the right moves here, of course, you first have to know what doubling and splitting actually means.

If you double, you double your stake. After that, only one more card may be drawn. This can reduce the player’s chances of winning, but it still leads to a reduction in the house edge if the approach is skillful. Even if, statistically speaking, more hands are lost by doubling, the hands that are won achieve a significantly larger one because they double the profit.

When splitting, on the other hand, the existing sheet is divided and played with two hands. In some casinos it is forbidden to double up after a split. A split is only possible if there is a pair – i.e. two identical cards. There is always a split when there are two eights or two aces . In all other cases the question of whether to split or not depends on your own hand in combination with the dealer’s hand.

Find the best online blackjack casino now and win with the basic strategy

There are numerous online casinos where you can play online blackjack for real money at different online blackjack tables. There are also various casino sites that offers the live blackjack card game. How good a blackjack offer actually is also depends on the quality of the online casino bonus and the bonus conditions. The bonus can only be used by blackjack players if the bonus is also applicable to blackjack wagers. We have put together for you the best blackjack casinos. Register directly with the casino that best suit your blackjack game ideas and learn how to beat the dealer with the basic strategy.

Top 5 questions from expert online blackjack players?

1. Why does the strategy table help you make the best decisions?

The blackjack table for the basic strategy clearly shows the player with which hand and which dealer’s open card which move makes the most sense. This is based on numerous calculations and endless series of blackjack games in which it was determined with what probability a certain move can lead to victory. The move that in most cases leads to a positive result for the player is ultimately the one that can be found in the strategy table.

The table is also very easy to read. In the horizontal line, the player finds the dealer’s up card. In the vertical column the player sees his own hand in comparison. The place in the table where the player’s own hand and the player’s card intersect is where the player finds the action that makes the most sense. So the table is also very easy to use. Anyone who plays in the online casino can print out the table and put it next to the screen. However, if you play in the land-based casino, you should learn the table by heart .

2. What is the casino’s house edge in blackjack?

Every casino has a house edge in every game of chance. This is simply because an online casino is not a charitable institution, but a profit-oriented business enterprise. It is important to ensure that the casino is making more money than it is spending. Since the casino’s biggest source of income is the betting amounts deposited, it is only logical that various mechanisms are built in that ensure that the house always makes a profit.

It is of course the same in blackjack. The house edge is designed, for example, in that the player can only see one card from the dealer while the second remains face down. The clearly specified style of play online blackjack card game also helps shape the house advantage. Depending on how the rules of the respective gaming table are designed, the house advantage can be a little higher or even lower. Anyone who plays at a table whose rules are optimally set up for the player and who have mastered and strictly followed the rules of the basic strategy can reduce the blackjack house edge to less than 1 perce. If you compare this to the more than 5 percent that the house edge is in American roulette you can quickly see why blackjack is so popular with many players.

3. Why is the basic strategy alone not enough to achieve lasting success?

The basic strategy can permanently lower the house advantage . But even she will never convert it to 0 or even to positive. This means that even a player who plays with the basic strategy will always lose games. The bottom line is that if a player always bets the same bet and always plays with the basic blackjack strategy, every 100 euros wagered will leave around 1 euro in the casino.

This value doesn’t sound like much at first. But the fact is that it naturally adds up and that only in the rarest of cases do the static values ​​match one to one. This means that a single streak of bad luck can cost a few 100 euros in one day. In order for the player to still be able to achieve financial success, he must adjust the betting stakes accordingly so that losses are offset. There are various strategies for doing this, such as the Martingale betting system. In the Martingale betting system, the stake is doubled after each lost game.

If the stake in the first game is 1 euro, it is already 2 euro after a lost game. If this game is also lost, you bet 4 euros. After another lost game 8 euros, etc. The advantage here is that a single win at the end of such a series brings more profit than the player lost before. The danger here: If there is no victory, the Martingale system can quickly lead to high losses. For this reason, in addition to the basic blackjack strategy and a good betting system, you also need a clever bankroll management in order to set your own limits.

4. Is There More Than One Blackjack Strategy Chart?

With regard to the basic blackjack strategy, there is a corresponding blackjack strategy table. This clearly shows which move would make the most sense in which situation. However, the strategy table of the basic strategy is kept very general. This means that it takes no account of how many decks are used in the game or what the house rules are for blackjack.

There are a number of elaborate tables that go into more detail on how to react in different situations with reference to the number of decks, for example. For example, if you look at the strategy of doubling down, there are a number of tables that show under which circumstances (number of decks and rules in terms of drawing or holding on a softer 17) it makes most sense to double.

The use of the respective special tables naturally leads to the blackjack probabilities being exploited even more . However, the difference to the basic strategy is not so great that every player would have to switch to the ingenious game variants. The additional tables are more for experienced players who want to further refine their personal game strategy.

What does it mean to double or split?
5. the player doubles then the stake in the game is doubled. After that, the player may only draw one more card. Doubling down can be a good blackjack strategy if your starting hand is particularly good. However, the regulation that afterwards only one card may be drawn severely restricts the player.

When splitting, the player splits his hand. The player may only split if he has a pair in hand. Then he receives an additional card for each card and then continues to play with two hands.

Thanks to the basic strategy, minimize the risk in online blackjack

The basic strategy in blackjack ensures that the player can minimize the house advantage in blackjack a good deal. Consistently played through, the basic strategy leads to a minimization of the house advantage to below 1 percent. However, the fact remains that in theory the bottom line is that the player loses money. Also to prevent the basic strategy needs with meaningful betting systems like the Paroli or Martingale system are combined in online blackjack games.