WhatsApp To End Support For 35 Smartphones This Year

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Pune, 28th June 2024 – WhatsApp, the popular messaging app owned by Meta, announced that it will end support for 35 smartphones, including models from Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and LG. This change, effective later this year, means these devices will no longer receive updates or new features. WhatsApp is used by over 2 billion people globally and continually introduces updates to enhance user experience. However, due to revised minimum device requirements, older smartphones will be impacted.

35 Smartphones Will No Longer Receive Support

According to CanalTech, WhatsApp is ending support for 35 smartphones this year. This includes both Android and iPhone devices from major brands such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, and others. Users of these devices will stop receiving WhatsApp updates, which means they will miss out on new features, bug fixes, and security improvements.

Affected Devices
– Galaxy Ace Plus
– Galaxy Core
– Galaxy Express 2
– Galaxy Grand
– Galaxy Note 3
– Galaxy S3 Mini
– Galaxy S4 Active
– Galaxy S4 Mini
– Galaxy S4 Zoom

– Moto G
– Moto X

– iPhone 5
– iPhone 6
– iPhone 6s
– iPhone 6s Plus
– iPhone SE

– Ascend P6 S
– Ascend G525
– Huawei C199
– Huawei GX1s
– Huawei Y625

– Lenovo 46600
– Lenovo A858T
– Lenovo P70
– Lenovo S890
– Lenovo A820

– Sony Xperia Z1
– Sony Xperia E3
– Sony Xperia M

– Optimus 4X HD
– Optimus G
– Optimus G Pro
– Optimus L7

Why the Change?

WhatsApp prioritizes user experience and security. As a result, it becomes increasingly challenging to support older devices with ongoing app development. These older devices may not have the necessary processing power or security features required for the latest versions of WhatsApp. If your phone is included in this list, it is recommended to update your device to continue using WhatsApp safely.

This decision reflects WhatsApp’s commitment to providing a secure and efficient messaging platform, ensuring that all users have access to the latest features and security updates.