When would ANiS reply to the scams indulged by them ?

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Pune – The Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti activists who are shrouding behind the rationalism and shouting hoarse ‘Jawab Do’ all over the State just to create pressure on the investigation of killing of Dabholkar are maintaining studied silence over the scams perpetrated by their Trust. Only ANiS should reply what happened to the huge money donated to them by the people only by keeping faith in Dabholkar. In this connection, one more major scam has come to the light involving ANiS Trust. A progressive thinker in Pune Prof. G.P. Pradhan had merged the entire property of his Vasudha Manovikas Pratishthan in the Trust of Maharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti. Dr. Dabholkar had given the statement accordingly under his own signature in 2012. However, the ANiS Trust has not shown this property anywhere in its assets. Where is such a huge property donated by a great personality ? Who has usurped such a large property by not recording it in the ANiS Trust ? Did the killing of Dabholkar took place out of the dispute created over usurping the property, the trace of which is still a mystery ? Why is ANiS not making efforts to ensure that the punishment is meted out to Khandelwal-Nagori under whose possession the gun used to kill Dabholkar was found ? What can be the purpose behind this ? To find the real killers or to harass Seekers of Sanatan Sanstha ? We are appealing ANiS to reply i.e. ‘Jawab Do’ to all these questions, said Mr. Abhay Vartak, Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha in the press conference. On this occasion, senior devotees of Samartha H.H. Sunil Chincholkar, President of All India Brahman Mahasangh Mr. Anand Dave, Mr. Vijay Gawade of Gargi Foundation and Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for Pune Mr. Parag Gokhale were present.

On this occasion, H.H. Sunil Chincholkar said, “ANiS always insisted on examining the working of Dharma. The, why are they refusing the demand for examining the working of their Trust ? When Dabholkar was alive, he used to say that he is ever ready for inquiry into his working; why are his successors scared of the similar inquiry ?”. Mr. Anand Dave said, “The so-called progressive elements create uproar about suppressing the voice in the country under freedom of expressions. They say the battle of ideology should be fought only with ideology. However, when we ask for permission to agitate for expressing our opinions, it is rejected. Does this mean that freedom of expression is reserved only for the progressives ? The Police administration suppress Hindus even today, which is against the principles of democracy”. Mr. Vijay Gawade said that all devout Hindu organisations backed Sanatan Sanstha for fighting injustice done to them.
ANiS “Jawab Do” !
1. Who has committed scams in the Trust of Maharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti ? – Jawab Do !
2. Where has the property of G.P. Pradhan vanished, which was merged in ANiS trust ? -Jawab Do !
3. No opposition to bail of Khandelwal-Nagori, then why oppose bail of Dr. Tawde ? – Jawab Do !
4. Why are all efforts directed for prolonging the Court cases of killing Dabholkar-Pansare ? – Jawab Do !