Why are Online Casinos Better?

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Meta Description: Online casinos need a valid license and responsible gambling features implemented to operate. That’s why they are 100% safe than land-based casinos.

2 March 2020, India- Brick and mortar casinos were the most happening places in town where serious players kept to themselves while the banter went on at tables. At least this is how a traditional casino is pictured in the minds of boomers and early millennials. 

However, of late, a paradigm shift occurred that saw people’s perception about casinos change, once and for all. And that change came in the form of dot-com. Operators saw people lean towards a more private experience when it came to B2C business. It soon became apparent that brick and mortar Casinos didn’t fit into a modern world where everything was instant. 

A sane thought occurred in the minds of pioneers who chose to go with the tide and that they did. Therefore, today we have a wider variety of entertainment and game selections in online casinos than any betting shops in the past. If you’re still reading you nearly know why online casinos are better. But hold on there’s more. 

Let’s take an example of Casumo, a familiar operator among avid gamers worldwide. This casino has over 1500 online games by over 20 software providers.

It’s unlikely that Casumo would have succeeded in squeezing all its games under one roof if it ran a brick and mortar shop. Features of Casumo casino in its online avatar is what makes it a true crowd-puller. One look at its website will tell why running a multimillion-dollar business is profitable online.

Here are more reasons that justify why online casinos are simply the best:

1. Ease of Use

With casinos choosing the world wide web as a channel to accept play, it has only resulted in the spurt of users. The option to play games from ones living room using just a mobile phone has certainly got more people interested. Going by statistics, it’s unsurprising that most users place wagers via online casinos because it allows space that makes them feel comfortable and safe. 

The versatility of online casinos is what fixed the drawbacks of brick and mortar casinos. And the keyword here is “Personalisation.” By placing more control into player’s hands the experience on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops became on par or sometimes even better than a land-based casino.  

2. Flexible Payment Methods

Only a few land-based casinos accept anything other than cash to let players purchase chips. But such worries have no place when it comes to online casinos. That’s because payment methods are flexible. 

Whether it’s a plastic card, digital wallet, net banking, or cryptocurrency, they simply work like a charm. The security offered by payment processors is simply the next level, thus bringing people closer to online casinos. 

3. Value for Money

Online casinos are money-spinners especially when we think of rewards that can be collected even before making a deposit. That privilege might not extend to players at land-based casinos. They get charged an arm and a leg just to enter and experience the casino. And by the time players make it to slots and tables, they would have already blown their budget. 

And most importantly, players would be at a disadvantage from the get-go due to a larger House Edge of land-based casinos. It shrinks their chance of winning when compared to online casinos. 

4. Game Selections and Bet Size

This is one area where most land-based casinos can’t keep up. Online casinos are cheaper to operate and have fewer overheads compared to land-based casinos. It enables them to offer larger game selection and relaxation on bet sizes. That’s great news for players because with restrictions removed on min/max stakes, games become more exciting. 

Now that you know the top 4 reasons that make online casinos better, choose one that you feel offers better value for money. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to peep into their terms and conditions as well as licenses to end your experience on a positive note.