Why Are Petrol, Diesel Prices Increasing In Pune?

Petrol Pump Pune
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Pune, January 13, 2021: The price of petrol has reached Rs 90.75 per litre and diesel Rs 79.80 per litre in Pune. The prices have been on the rise recently.

“The reason for the price rise is because the rates of crude oil have reached close to 60 dollars per barrel in the international market”, says Ali Daruwala, spokesperson for the All India Petrol Dealers Association (AIPDA).

He further informed, “The second reason is that the Maharashtra government had raised the price of petrol in April by almost Rs 2 per litre as cess and central government has raised excise duty 3 times from April to June to take the advantage of the falling crude prices during the lockdown.”

“The other day many news channels were seen reporting that the price may come down because of the reduction in excise duty by the central government. However, the cabinet has not yet met to decide on the excise reduction issue. But reliable sources have confirmed that the central government is working on a mechanism to give maximum relief to the common citizen as far as prices of petrol and diesel are concerned”, he said.

“The AIPDA has requested the Maharashtra government to roll back the Drought Cess which was imposed in 2018 by the then BJP and Shiv Sena government for relief work. This will give immediate relief to common citizens who had witnessed Rs 93 per litre petrol in Pune in 2013 when crude oil was close to 150 dollars per barrel in the international market during Congress-led UPA regime”, Daruwala said.