Why Force Gurkha Uses 4x4x4 Badging Instead Of 4×4 On SUVs

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Pune, 27th June 2024 – Force Motors’ iconic off-roading vehicle, the Force Gurkha, stands out in the Indian market with its unique “4x4x4” badging, unlike the conventional “4×4” seen on other SUVs. This distinctive feature is designed to emphasize the Gurkha’s unparalleled capability to tackle the toughest terrains. But what does “4x4x4” actually signify, and why has Force Motors opted for this nomenclature?

For off-roading enthusiasts, 4×4, which stands for four-wheel drive, is a common feature in many SUVs, enabling them to navigate through various weather conditions. However, Force Motors takes it a step further with “4x4x4” on the Gurkha. The first two “4×4” denote the typical four-wheel drive system. The third “4” highlights the Gurkha’s superior ability to perform seamlessly on all types of surfaces, including sand, water, mountains, and snow.

According to Force Motors, this unique badging is meant to reassure drivers of the Gurkha’s reliability and versatility in extreme conditions. “The Force Gurkha is engineered to be the ultimate off-road SUV, and our 4x4x4 badging reflects its extraordinary capabilities,” said a spokesperson from Force Motors.

Off-roading SUVs like the Gurkha, equipped with 4×4, 4WD (four-wheel drive), or 4x4x4 systems, deliver equal power to all four wheels. This provides better traction control and enables smooth driving on challenging terrains. Force Gurkha’s distinctive badging serves as a testament to its robustness and adaptability, making it a preferred choice among adventure seekers.