Why Heart Attacks Are Increasing During Gym Workouts

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Shriniwas Jadhav

Pune, 20th November 2022: The number of heart attack cases have increased during gym workouts in recent times. Abundant exercise can cause plaque rupture which may trigger sudden cardiac arrest. Heart attack was considered an ageing disease, but today, the cases of heart attacks in the younger generation have burst this myth. Even in the early 30s, cardiac arrest has increased rapidly.




Cases of heart attacks during gym workouts have become a common problem, especially for youngsters. Many experts believe that people with underlying heart disease are more prone to get cardiac arrest during a gym workout. Many people look fit and fine externally but many times they are unaware of their internal diseases which may put their lives in danger.

The heartbeat increases rapidly during a gym workout, which may put pressure on the heart. The best way to do a gym workout is to do it under the supervision of a physical trainer. To start with, a moderate-intensity workout is always a better option. One should realize the capacity of their strength during a workout. Hard work out without proper guidance and technique will always put you at risk of cardiac arrest.


Many times, for the younger generation, a workout aims to have a good physique within a short time. Before going to the gym, the most important thing is to check our health parameters by doing proper tests, especially cardiac tests. Regular health checkups should also be considered before starting a gym. Family history regarding cardiac Disease is also an important aspect one should be very careful about. The blood tests like cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels should also be monitored before joining any gym.

The heart is one of the most vital organs of the human body which pumps blood throughout the body. The heartbeat increases as we start to do vigorous exercise. Many gym lovers have a habit of taking supplements like highly concentrated protein powder, multivitamins, and steroids. Too much protein will always put a lot of pressure on your kidneys, so one should always consult doctors regarding this type of supplement. The use of steroids without consulting the doctor has always proven dangerous. The gym workout should be in proper sequence and with a proper diet regime. To maintain good health and physique our lifestyle and habits also play an important role along with gym workouts.


There are many types of exercise which can be performed at home without gym equipment. Traditional workouts like push-ups are also effective and will improve your overall strength. Squats and burpees can also be performed at home at our convenience.


The presence of a well-qualified physical trainer during gym workouts is also essential. They may guide you with the proper method and amount of workout you should carry out. The aim of doing a gym workout is always to have good health. One should always be careful while doing a vigorous workout. It should be done strictly under the supervision of your fitness trainer.