Why should majority of Hindu school-students celebrate Christmas ? HINDU JANAJAGRUTI SAMITI

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Pune – To hold Hindu organisations guilty for issuing warning not to celebrate Christmas in Aligarh is totally wrong. India is a secular nation. When celebrations of Goddess Saraswati-pujan and Shri Ganesh Chaturthi in schools are opposed, why should the Christmas be celebrated in such schools ? Today, the majority of students studying in Indian schools are Hindus. How are these Hindu students related to Jesus Christ and Christmas ? Hindu Janajagruti Samiti demands that Christmas should not be celebrated in schools to preserve the secularism in the country.

Nowadays, gifts in the form of imaginary Santa Claus are distributed among students in schools on the occasion of Christmas. This deed is like carrying out propagation of Christian sect and ideological conversion of the students. Today, to teach Shrimadbhagwadgeeta and Yoga is considered as saffronisation of education. On the other hand, in Christian Convent schools, Hindu students are prohibited from following the conduct as per Hindu Dharma such as applying kumkum on theforehead, keeping a tuft of hairs, wearing bangles, applying henna (Mehandi) etc. In such a situation, it is totally inappropriate to celebrate Christmas in schools.