Why the Charity Commissioner wants funds for fodder camps only from Temples ? 

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Sunil Ghanwat

Coordinator, Federation of Temples and Religious organisations, Maharashtra

The Government which came in power in the name of Hindutva is usurping money in Hindu temples every day in the guise of utilising it for various Government schemes. The Government is milking the cow named Hindu temples for various schemes such as inter-caste marriages, Jalayukta Shivar, drought relief, Chief Minister’s relief fund, tours of the President and Prime Minister, etc. What is going on ? Today, the money is asked for fodder camps; tomorrow, it will be utilised for the salary of MLAs and MPs, a day after tomorrow, for conducting elections, etc. Hindu devotees do not donate money to temples for running the Governments.

Does the Government, which boasts of secularism not ashamed of taking money from Hindu temples ? The Charity Commissioner has now declared to utilise the temple funds for fodder camps, is he scared of taking money from church and mosques ?  

During the last Congress regime, corruption to the tune of crores of rupees was committed in the name of fodder camps. What action has been taken by the Government over this ? Until today, the farce of conducting inquiries into corruption cases involving Government Trustees of the temples is going on. The looters of God’s money are roaming freely. The decision to usurp temple money without any action in past cases of corruption is strongly protested. The Government should not stretch the patience of Hindus and withdraw the decision immediately. Otherwise, a campaign will be launched throughout the State against the decision and the Government by making an appeal to the devotees that nobody should give donations to the temples. Similarly, a warning is being issued that Hindu devotees would take to streets and agitate against the Government.

The talk of utilising temple funds has become a routine practice. We will not tolerate that saying on one hand, ‘Sabaka Sath, Sabaka Vikas’ and using usurping only temple funds on the other. The Hindu devotees do not offer donations in the temple to carry out social work but for the mission of Dharma. The temple funds must be used only for the mission of Dharma. The Government empties its coffers for the religious cause of the minorities but does not want to spend on providing basic facilities in temples. To usurp money from rich temples and neglect the temples which have no funds is hypocrisy of the Government. The ‘Mandir Ani Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh’ informs that meetings will be held throughout the State and agitations will be launched against the Government decision.