Will PUBG ever be able to return to India?

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Harleen Kaur Grewal

New Delhi, March 01, 2021: Union Minister Prakash Javadekar announced that many mobile games are violent, pornographic, and addictive, and he claims PUBG to be of similar nature. The government will create a Gaming Center of Excellence to promote Indian cultural values. PUBG is one of the 100 apps that the government banned last year. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has said that the ministry is setting up a Game Center to conduct courses related to VFX, Gaming, and Animation, to develop games that promote Indian culture.

Javadekar said that the government will build a gaming center in India, to be implemented soon, which will benefit Indian culture. The Minister stated, “I am very happy to announce that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has decided to set up a Center of Excellence in Gaming and other related fields in association with IIT Mumbai.”

In opposition to PUBG, the game FAUG has been launched in India. The story of this game is based on Brailer-style, with no weapons. The first storyline is that of the Galvan valley in Ladakh where a clash took place between Indian and Chinese soldiers last year.