Will starvation and hunger ever end?” asks the poor and hungry

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Mekhola Mukherjee

Pune, 23 March, 2018

According to the reports by United Nations(UN), 124 million people in 51 countries faced starvation in 2017 due to climatic conditions, disasters and conflicts. Reports also added that 11 million more people have suffered hunger in 2017 compared to 2016.

The report was given by UN Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO).

The main cause of such crisis is due to conflicts, according to reports. This crisis is being suffered mainly in 18 countries, 15 in Africa or the Middle East, largely in Myanmar, north-east Nigeria, South Sudan, Yemen and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Not only in UN but hunger also exists in India largely. There is a major need for some actions to be taken like; to levy proper taxes, raising the wages of poor, investing money on farmers and do all other social services for the betterment of the poor, ensuring proper financial situation of farmers are some actions which can cut down hunger and poverty which is the cause and symptom of hunger.

We don’t realize that there is a large quantity of food being wasted everyday. This is also a major cause of crisis of food which can only be eradicated by stopping the waste of food and harvest also, due to poor storage and transportation.

Industrial pollution such as greenhouse gases from rich and developed countries causes drastic changes in climate conditions which also affects the harvest and cultivation.

All the countries, now need to come together to eliminate hunger globally. Giving food supply to the poor, help in evolving the condition of farmers can help in banishing inequality from the world. So, before wasting food, we must think about these people who are starving everyday for half a loaf of bread!

(The author is a student of journalism and mass communication)