Wink Cargo Scam Exposes Chacha Bhatiji’s Rs 10 Crore Financial Fraud In Pune, Investors Demand Action

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Reported By Sumit Singh

Pune, 10th July 2024: Residents of Pune and beyond are reeling from a major financial scam orchestrated by Rakesh Chaturvedi, the alleged mastermind behind the infamous Chacha Bhatiji scam. Alongside his niece, Shikha Bharadwaj, Chaturvedi is accused of duping unsuspecting investors of over ₹10 crores, promising exorbitant returns on investments across Pune district and beyond state lines.

The scam, which spanned several years, saw investors lured in with promises of high returns, prompting many to take loans and invest their life savings. “They claimed to offer returns higher than banks and NBFCs, which made their schemes appear lucrative,” lamented one investor who preferred to remain anonymous. However, when the promised returns failed to materialize and suspicions grew, victims found themselves unable to file complaints effectively.

Ashutosh Srivastava, a Supreme Court Lawyer, criticized the police response, stating, “Police must file FIRs against such fraudsters promptly. Asking victims to approach courts instead of registering complaints directly is unacceptable.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 5) R Raja assured Punekar News of action, stating, “We are committed to investigating this matter thoroughly and will ensure justice prevails. It’s crucial for people to avoid investments promising unrealistically high returns.”

Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar reiterated the caution, urging citizens to steer clear of investment schemes offering unfeasible returns.

Concerns over the possibility of the perpetrators fleeing the country were dispelled by senior passport officers, who clarified the stringent protocols in place for passport issuance and international travel restrictions for individuals facing police complaints.

Shikha Bharadwaj, previously employed at a car showroom in Lucknow, relocated to Pune three years ago and quickly integrated herself into the local community. Her ostensible wealth and lifestyle, including a rented flat near Khadi Machine Chowk in Kondhwa and a Mercedes, contributed to her facade of financial success.

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The company associated with the scam, operating under the guise of “Wink Cargo,” has attempted to maintain a facade of legitimacy through an updated website proclaiming industry recognition for freight forwarding services. However, authorities caution against falling for such fronts, emphasizing the importance of due diligence before investing.