Witness the grand wedding of Jija and Shahaji Be ready to watch on Sony Marathi 4-9 November at 8.30 pm

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2 November 2019, Pune- All of us know the life of Shivaji Maharaj and his mission to create Hindavi Swaraj – self rule of the Marathi people. Less known however is the person who shaped Shivaji’s persona and instilled in him the pride of being a son of the soil – his mother Jijabai. The Capabilities of Jija came to the fore when – at a tender age of eight – she stood resolved to fight injustice. She inculcated in Shivaji the same courage when he was young.

A high point in the creation of Swaraj was the marital alliance bewtween Bhosale and Jadhav families that sealed the relation of Jijabai and Shahaji as man and wife. The wedding ceremony was an important event but it also had significant political outcomes. It was early 16th century when Maharashtra was a shattered territory with uncertain future under the Mughal rule. The ceremony was a grand affair with traditional floral decoration of marigold in the huge pandal and musical enhancement of Shehnai and Chaughade. Choicest food variety in the royal tradition, rich lighting, women laden with beautiful ornaments and dressed in impressive attires marked the event. Many may have read about the wedding ceremony but the Marathi serial Swarajya Janani Jijamata will present it to you for the first time on screen.

Jija’s father Lakhuji Jadhav is clearly sad about sending off her beloved daughter to her in-laws’ place, but is consoled by the possibilities for Maharashtra which the alliance between two powerful families – Jadhav and Bhosale, will create. It is a once in life opportunity for you to witness the wedding of Shahaji Bhosale and Jijabai Jadhav. This and many more moments of the occasion will bring to you an undoubtably different experience.

Why is the wedding ‘historic?’ , some may wonder. The answer is right there in the serial’s title. Swarajya Janani Jijamata – the mother of Swarajya. It is the wedding of Jijabai – the greatest mother Maharashtra produced. It is the moment that sparked off the spectacular journey that led to creation of Swarajya. Which is why it is a moment of pride in Maharashtra’s history. It will certainly be interesting and inspiring to observe Jijabai as an eight year old girl who went on to give birth to a son who gave Maharashtra the top position in the Indian sub-continent.

The different stages and rituals of the wedding will unfold on Sony Marathi from 4 to 9 November a 8.30 pm every day. The royal do has many distinctive features such as locations in the historical Bhor Palace, attires and jewellery that will remind you of the period, the lighting and decoration just how it used to be in those days. Pune’s famous PNG Jewellers and Son’s have created special period jewellery for the occasion and a song has been specially composed to make the event more memorable.

Be a witness to this grand wedding of Jija and Shahaji. Watchspecial week 4-9 November Swarajya Janani Jijamata produced by Amol Kolhe. Monday to Saturday 8.30 pm only on Sony Marathi.