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Pune, 4th March 2019: With International Women’s Day around the corner, Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar hosted a panel discussion on ‘Compassion Between Women’ on Sunday 3rd March at Fishbowl.

An Irish writer, John Connolly once said, “There is Nobility in Compassion, a Beauty in Empathy, and a Grace in Forgiveness.” All virtues of a Compassionate and Strong woman.

Moving away from the discussions pertaining to Women Equality and Upliftment, Hyatt Pune’s vision to organize the Panel Discussion with some of the city’s eminent and famous personalities was to focus on the compassion that a woman feels for another woman, be it at workplace, industry, social environment or at home. Standing tall on Hyatt’s purpose that states, “We Care For People So That They Can Be Their Best”, the panellist’s shared their thoughts and ideologies to prove that if women stand up for each other and support and flourish together, we would be living in a world that understands and nurtures Empathy towards each other.


“Every single person can make a difference just through the choices we make on a daily basis. The first step is to know and understand what compassion is. Our human compassion binds us together, as we dwell on empathy for human beings and women by their intrinsic genes are nurturers and caregivers” quoted Sumit Kumar – General Manager, Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar.


“Giving does not mean taking things away from you. It means that you realize that you’re self-sufficient and you have your own niche that can be created. We should all live by a verse in the Bible that quotes – Love thy neighbour as thyself. A woman is beautiful when she is confident of her own self since only then will she be able to lend a hand to another woman.” said Chahat Dalal.


During the  open Question and Answer session, the esteemed panellist’s shared their insights on navigating confidence and how they envision the future for women as they stand together and understand each other. They also highlighted inspirational women in their life’and how they were recipients of compassion that connects us all when we come together. The session was driven by the fact that women can constantly inspire and create change while lasting difference can be made when we all join together.”