Yogi on Dalal Street book launched at Crossword book store

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Pune: 13 August, 2018 – ‘Yogi on Dalal Street’ book authored by Mr Arun Thukral, MD & CEO, Axis Securities was launched today at Crossword book store in Aundh, Pune. Mr. Retesh Kumaarr, ADG & Director General of Police, Wireless Maharashtra State was the chief guest on this occasion.

This book goes beyond the basic investment framework to dive deeper into how our mind works and how we can calm our mind to make right investment decisions. It draws reference from various scriptures, especially the ‘Yoga Sutra’ to explain 22 traits which affect the behaviour of an individual. It demonstrates that by strengthening the positive traits and minimizing the negative ones, we can be successful in every endeavour including investing. This book has been written as a guide for the modern day investor. Anyone who can stay true to the principles outlined in this book and internalize it will surely accelerate on the path of wealth creation. Endorsed by industry veterans like Vallabh Bhanshali, Nilesh Shah and the Director of the Yoga Institute, Hansa Jayadeva Yogendra, this book is the key to unlock the winning strategies encapsulated in our ancient scriptures for creating phenomenal wealth.

According to Mr Arun Thukral, MD & CEO, Axis Securities and author of this book,‘’As a finance professional, I strongly believe that equity investments are imperative to help retail investors fulfill all their financial goals. In spite of this instrument being the key to unlocking financial prosperity, equity participation in India is still at around 5%. Hence, I passionately work towards creating awareness about the need and benefits of equity participation in India. My book ‘Yogi on Dalal Street’ is my endeavour to help Indian retail investors unlocks the true potential of equity as an investment option by tapping into the wisdom of our ancient sutras, particularly Yoga Sutra. As a certified Yoga practitioner, I find a deep connection between Yogic principles and investor psychology. With this book, I seek to help investors dive into the functioning of their mind and take control of their impulses to make better investment choices. I am confident that this book will serve as a guide for all investors on the path to financial prosperity’’.

Profile of Mr. Arun Thukral:

Mr. Arun Thukral, MD & CEO of Axis Securities Limited, is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is a certified financial planner and currently, also the Director of the Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB). He joined ‘The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz’ around five years back and is certified as a Yoga practitioner by the Institute. He started his journey in Yoga with an objective to attain physical well-being through the practice of Asanas. During the course of his practice, he got intrigued by Yoga Philosophy and started exploring it in depth to improve every aspect of life. He found a great connect between Yogic principles and investor psychology and began to incorporate this philosophy into his professional life. He applies Yogic concepts to explain investor psychology and guides investors to train their minds to take prudent financial decisions. In an endeavour to help others enhance their spiritual and material wealth, Arun has crystallized his thoughts on Yoga and Finance connects in his book ‘Yogi on Dalal Street