Young Minds Directed Right

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By Simran J Pardeshi

Kondhwa, 11th June : A paper bag making competition was conducted by the Creative Youth Group of Bramha Majestic society for  people of all ages. Kids and ladies actively took part in the competition and exhibited best of their artistic abilities and concern for the environment through the paper bags. Mrs. Mahua Ghosh guided and motivated us to conduct this competition. 

The event was not only limited to bag making competition. An interactive session was also conducted which helped us to come up with new ideas of environment conservation. In this session, the kids were made aware about the main reason behind celebrating the Environment Day and were taught the correct ways to reduce , reuse and recycle things. It was followed by a treasure hunt game where the winning team shared their prize with the other team, thus exhibiting the virtue of sharing.

On the whole , it was a fun , informative and creative competition which kindled the urge of environment conservation in young minds.