Youth Kills 80-Year-Old Man For Offering Rs 10,000 To Have Sex With His Wife

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Navi Mumbai, 9th September 2021: A 33-year-old man has been charged with the murder of an 80-year-old man. It is alleged that the old man allegedly offered Rs 10,000 to have sex with the young man’s wife. Preliminary inquiries have revealed that the enraged youth pushed the old man and then killed him. The CCTV cameras enabled the police to reach the accused.

The Hindustan Times reported the incident quoting senior police inspector Ravindra Patil.

The deceased was identified as Shamakant Tukaram Naik. The deceased has assets worth crores of rupees including shops, flats and plots in his name. The deceased Naik used to visit the 33-year-old accused’s shop several times. It is also reported that he had once offered Rs 5,000 from the young man to have sexual intercourse with his wife.

Similarly, on August 29, the elderly Naik offered the youth Rs 10,000 and asked him to send his wife to the godown, police said. The accused, enraged by this demand, pushed the old man away. This caused him to fall and injure his head. The accused immediately lowered the shutters of the shop and strangled Naik to death. He then hid the body in the bathroom.

Naik’s body remained in the toilet till August 31. At 5 am, the accused wrapped Naik’s body in a bedsheet and took him on a two-wheeler to the lake. The whole incident has been captured on CCTV.

According to the statement of the accused, he threw the clothes and mobile of the deceased in the garbage. These items have not yet been found.

In addition, the accused had gone with the son of 80-year-old Naik on August 29 to report his disappearance. Naik’s family told police he left the house on August 29 and did not return. His mobile phone was off.

Police initially suspected that the old man had been murdered because of the property. However, based on CCTV footage, he reached out to the young man running the shop.