YouTube: New feature coming soon, will be able to buy products directly through ads appearing in videos

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Shikha Chaurasia
Pune, January 16, 2021: YouTube is testing a new feature. Through this feature, users will be able to buy products appearing directly between videos. Meaning if the user likes a product while watching YouTube, then it can be purchased directly through the option given in the video. For this, the user will not have to go to another website to buy the product. In the middle of the YouTube video, you will see a shopping bag icon through which you will be able to shop directly by clicking it.

YouTube is testing this feature on some android, iOS and web users in the US. Testing of this feature is given on the Google Support page. YouTube says that on its behalf, the user will be given the option to buy the product through the video. In this way, the company wants to develop its platform like a shopping channel.
Soon, users will find a shopping bag icon on YouTube which will be in the bottom left corner of the video. With its help, users can see the products. Till now, you had to visit different websites to buy the goods that appeared on YouTube, but with the new shopping icon, this task will be made easier.

According to a Bloomberg report in October 2020, YouTube asked creators to track YouTube software to tag and feature the product in their video. This data will be linked with the help of Google shopping tools and analytics. It is expected that YouTube will test this feature on more users soon.