YouTube Removes Viral Track “Bado Badi” by Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Over Copyright Infringement

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Mumbai, 9th June 2024: YouTube has taken down the viral track “Bado Badi,” sung by Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, due to copyright infringement. The song, which had amassed over 28 million views, was a rendition of “Akh Ladi Bado Badi,” originally performed by Noor Jehan for the film “Banarasi Thag.”


Chahat Fateh Ali Khan released his version of the iconic song in April, and it quickly became popular. According to The Indian Express, the song featured Pakistani actor Wajdan Rao Ranghar alongside Khan. However, on June 6, YouTube removed the song following a copyright strike.


The track’s viral success led to widespread use in memes and humorous posts. Unfortunately, this also resulted in trolling for Ranghar, the actor featured in the video. He revealed to The Indian Express, “I performed in the song out of desperation. People are trolling me and asking why I would agree to feature in this song. I replied I didn’t have money to buy clothes for Eid, and it is better than stealing.”


Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan?


Kashif Rana, known by his stage name Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, was born in Sheikhupura in March 1965. He is a multifaceted artist, described as a “singer, musician, songwriter, actor, and director.” Khan attended Government High School Sheikhupura, graduated from Government College University Lahore (GCUL), and studied History at the University of the Punjab in Lahore before moving to London.


In an interview, Khan mentioned that cricket was his first love, but he later developed a passion for music. He believes that “everyone can sing,” although “some may need to put more effort than others.”