Zaheer Khan, ‘Ideawala Baba’ of the team says Yuvraj Singh

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Pune, January 7, 2018: City witnessed one of the most spectacular bond from cricketing world of legends Yuvraj Singh, famous all-rounder and Zaheer Khan, acclaimed Indian pacer. Singh unveiled that Khan is amicably known as ‘Ideawala Baba’ amomgst the team, while sharing anecdotes of their friendship on Final day of Adhaya’18, an annual conference organized by Rotary District 3131 on Sunday at Amanora Township, Hadapsar.

Vikram Sathaye, famously known as cricket humourist was present to indulge the bosom buddies in a fun filled chat. Abhay Gadgil, District Governor, Rotary District 3131 and Deepa Gadgil along with other Rotarians were present on this occasion.

Further sharing the story behind naming Khan, Singh said, “I broke my wrist just one year before the World Cup and told Zak about it. I was expecting a very friendly advice to visit the doctor and take rest or something alike. But to my surprise Zak said that he wants me to play for the World Cup. I found it too weird. Also, during one World Cup match I had a frozen neck and thus was thinking of not playing the match but again to add to my fury Zak pushed me to play the match. I am still thankful to him for advising or rather making me play the match as I scored my first half century in that World Cup.” He added that even today the team and especially me run to Zak for advice may it be regarding on or off the feild thing.

Khan and Singh were the important contributors in the 2011 World Cup win. Also, Singh informed that apart from few other veterans, Zak also predicted this win. Talking about Singh’s performance, Khan said, “He played great role with the bat but bigger role with the ball. His impact on the game as a bowler was spectacular.”

During the conversation they also cited one funny incident of both of them fielding and how Khan made Singh miss a catch by singnalling ‘Mine, Mine’ and then suddenly saying ‘Yours’.

On marriage Khan said jokingly, “I was the last as I decided to take suggestions from everyone regarding their experiences.” On this Singh instantly reacted, “It was me who told him to do it a little late.”

Sachin Tendulkar once mentioned Khan as a most intelligent bowler. “The best strategy for bowling delivery for me is all about playing mind games, understanding the batsmen well specially their weaknesses and compelling them to make mistakes,” excalimed Khan.

When speaking of injuries both the cricketers had similar opinions that injuries are more mental than physical. Khan expressed his fear of not being able play the game after his first shoulder surgery and how he overcame by being mentally strong and positive. Equivalently, Singh too shared his fear of cancer and his recovery. He said that “Accepting cancer was most difficult part but I did as I had to move forward. I kept faith and it played a major role in my recovery.”

Bringing the conversation on a lighter note the best friends shared the fashion secrets. Singh disclosed that, “When it comes to dressing its the other way round where Zak takes my advice. Everytime we went out I would lend my shirt or belt. And on one such night we both wore same shirt in different colors.” Khan couldn’t agree less and expressed that, “Yuvi has the best collection of belts.”

This duo has set their game well off feild too. While Khan is an entrepreneur and owns chain of restaurant, sports lounge and a gym. Being a fashionista, Singh has started his own line of clothing which also supports his NGO ‘YOUWECAN’ which works for spreading cancer awareness.