Zen Multi specialty Hospital Chembur received the LEED Copper Certificate by Indian Green Building Council  

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Mumbai: Zen Multispecialty Hospital one of the Asia’s Hospitals has received LEED Copper Certificate under Indian Green Building Council. The healthcare sector in India is growing at a rapid pace and contributing immensely to the growth of the quality of services. The sector is expected to grow several-fold in the next decade. Zen Hospital aims at the imminent need to introduce green concepts and techniques in this sector, which can aid growth in a sustainable manner.

Indian Green Building council is a rating system, it is a voluntary and consensus based programme. The rating system has been developed based on materials and technologies that are presently available in the hospital. The objective of Indian green building council is to facilitate the creation of energy efficient, water efficient, healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly. The rating system evaluates certain credit points using a prescriptive approach and other credits on a performance based approach. The rating system is evolved so as to be comprehensive and at the same time user-friendly.

Dr. Roy Patankar, Director at Zen Multispecialty Hospital says,“ Introducing green concepts in the healthcare facilities can help address National issues like infection, epidemics, handling of bio-medical waste, water efficiency, energy efficiency, reduction in fossil fuel use for commuting, consumer waste and in general conservation of natural resources. Most importantly, these concepts can enhance patients’ health, recovery and well-being. Thus society plays an important role in this and as responsible citizens we should know the importance of green buildings to have a healthier life tomorrow.”