Zero Point of India-Pakistan Border, the only Border Tourism Centre in Gujarat

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Pune, 27 Aug 2021: Under the guidance of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, Gujarat Tourism Department is developing Border tourism under Seema Darshan project at zero point of international border at Nadabet. With this innovative approach of Border Tourism, people of the nation are getting an opportunity to know the border and enjoy the experience of border tourism.

With this innovative experiment of giving the citizens a real experience to see the life style of the BSF Jawans who are constantly safeguarding the Mother land; tourism in Gujarat has gained momentum. Tourists are coming in the state in big number to see the lifestyle, duties and patriotism of these army men. Besides, they are getting an opportunity to witness the thrilling work of protecting and defending the border of the country.

 ‘Ajay Prahari’ Memorial has been erected in the memory of those heroic soldiers who sacrificed their lives for protecting the nation. Tourists visiting the memorial can also pay homage to the martyrs. The 30-foot-high T-junction, adorned with beautiful murals, will be the focal point of the Seema Darshan complex.

In addition to that, a platform is created on the road from T-Junction to zero point and various army weapons like surface to surface missile, surface to surface air missile, T-55 Tank, Artillery Gun, Torpedo, and Mig-27 aircraft have been put in display. With this, the tourists coming for Seema Darsha will get an opportunity to know the preparedness of our army and security forces.

A viewing desk tower is also created so that the tourists visiting Nadabet can also enjoy the view of the border. Tourists can anjoy a spectacular border view from the tower. A children play area is created for the children where they can play various outdoor games.

A pared ground is prepared for the Retreat Ceremony. A retreat ceremony will be organized by the BSF Jawans on this Pared Ground. The sight of this retreat ceremony creates a unique sense of patriotism in every tourist visiting Nadabet.

Various facilities like Parking, Drinking water, toilet blocks, arrival plaza, sitting arrangements, shops, retaining wall etc. have been made available for the tourists.  Solar trees have also been installed to illuminate Nadabet with solar energy at night.

The local employment has been increased in the last 5 years due to launch of Seema Darshan Program.Nadeshwari Mata temple is situated near zero point, where a large number of tourists come to visit every year. A rest house has also been constructed near Nadeshwari Mata temple. It is mandatory for every tourist visiting the Seema Darshan to have a government approved photo identity card.

Tourists can reach Seema Darshan – Nadabet easily by road. It is located at 262 kms from Ahmedabad, 372 kms from Vadodara, 315 kms from Rajkot, 524 kms from Surat, 371 kms from Bhavnagar and 265 kms from Bhuj. The nearest airport is Ahmedabad airport.