Zomato offers heavy discount for predicting India’s next PM

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New Delhi, 20 May 2019: Many Indians across the country of 720+ districts speaking over 120 major languages have participated in the world’s largest democratic elections. 900 million people of India have gone to the polls, again.

As we await the 17th Lok Sabha to be formed and the results to unfold on May 23rd, counting day, we couldn’t sit this one out. Our presence in over 250+ cities in India, makes her future exciting to us.

Post Zomato Premier League (ZPL), our successful IPL in-app prediction rewards game, we have now launched a snap poll variant, Zomato Election League, that will let you predict our next PM. Will the prime minister get re-elected, or will a completely new candidate emerge – you have the chance to predict to avail a discount and win cashback if your prediction comes true.

So, as you exert your consumer choice to order a meal on Zomato, stick your neck out and make a prediction. Few things could be more important than this. The more predictions we make, the better we get at predicting.

Here are the rules:

· Just like predicting the winner of the match in ZPL, users will get to predict the next PM of India

· Users will get a base 40% discount every time they order and 30% cashback if their predictions are true

· Anyone can order and predict as many times until 22nd May and will get cashback for the number of times their predictions are true. These credits will keep getting added to your wallet once the next PM is elected

From the evening of May 19th until this morning, over 320,000 people have already participated across 250+ cities in India.

Go predict. What are you waiting for?