Hats off to his efforts !

17 March 2019 – Nobody can stop you from making any effort to create a player if you have a stubbornness even after the accident has occurred. This is not a fictional story. Sagar Khaladkar, who works as a Kabaddi coach in Kothrud area of Pune, has convinced such a supernaturality.

Sagar, who has been a Kabaddi career since childhood, has made an impression of many skills in the field of all-India and state-level competitions, including the national championship. He earned a master’s degree in Physical Education course at Bharati Vidyapeeth in 2013. He was a sports coach and he was eager to pay the social debt. Unfortunately during the same year he had a big accident. He came back from the threshold of death, but he was permanently disabled. On the wheelchair, he had to spend the rest of his remaining life.

The ocean does not swing even with the unfortunate shock. He continued the job of the sports coach. Luckily the founder of Bharti Vidyapeethh Late Dr. Patangrao Kadam and local corporator ChanduSeth Kadam gave him full support. After seven or eight months of the accident, they retained his job. Not only this, they also arranged his residence near the training grounds. Even his house rent is also paid by Chandusheth.

Even though the wheelchair is hindaway, Sagar has produced several National and State level Kabaddi players through Abhijit Dada Krida Academy in the last five years. Considering that awareness about sports should be created in the childhood, he has started a sports nursery through this academy. He is working on creating games for children in the age group of 5 to 10 years. The training is given to young children through exercises like running, ballgames etc. For this, the track of eighty meters has been prepared on the field near More Vidyalaya. Similarly, he also guides the children to Kabaddi and Athletics to school and college level children. He works on his wheelchair and is assisted by his assistants. Every day 80 to 90 students are training him. While carrying out the job, he is also continuing his co-operation with his family. He is optimistic about making his dream of making an international level player through his academy.

He uses to train to youths for Police departmental entrance examination. For this he even helps them for study material with the help a library.