Lessons from Sochi 2018 

FIFA 2018 has started in Russia. Enthusiastic football fans from all over the globe are eagerly tuned in from their homes or at the venue. However amidst all these sporting activities, we do not find our team in Russia. But despite this do we despair or learn some lessons thrown by these matches. The match between Portugal and Spain on June 15 has shown some important lessons that need to be drawn upon by us. Portugal was led by the world famous footballer Ronaldo. The mighty Spanish team was displaying it’s attack to the fullest. However, their goalkeeper De Gea was finding it difficult to cope up with his team. Having, and understandably too, failed to stop a penalty by Ronaldo in the early minutes of the match, De Gea seemed to be at his wit’s end for the rest of the game. He was unable to stop any goals despite the team’s dominating performance. This was also evident in Ronaldo’s rude manner for handing over the ball to the Spanish player for a throw-in. The Spanish team continued with it’s relentless assault on the Portuguese team notwithstanding De Gea’s performance. The rest of the team displayed an attitude of die hard sportsmanship and team spirit. They refused to be laid back by performance of one team member. On the contrary the team doors chose to take him along with their attacking strategy. The Spanish team showed that despite one person not functioning properly the rest of the team has to maintain its balance and remain focused on its job.It also showed that careful selection of team member is vital to achieve it’s aim. In the event of any single number not performing as per required standards the room left for improvement is negligible. It becomes a cakewalk for powerful players like Ronaldo to take advantage of such fleeting situations. This was a field where a country’s sporting name was at stake. If applied to everyday life such a lesson is capable of making or breaking camaraderie and team-spirit. We may choose to accept this lesson to our advantage or scrap it to our peril.