Pune : Innovative idea reduces traffic congestion at Golf Course Chowk in Yerwada

Sumit Singh

Pune, September 12, 2019 : The Golf Course chowk in Yerwada used to be a nightmare for commuters especially during peak hours.

Due to heavy traffic movement from Shastrinagar chowk to towards Golf Course chowk and then in opposite direction, the people had to stand on the narrow stretch of road. People were facing the issue with traffic congestion due to the footpath triangle shape at corner of Golf Course chowk, which used to hold the commuters.

Under the guidance of DCP (traffic) Pankaj Deshmukh, Police Inspector Ramesh Sathe from Yerwada traffic division, got the footpath realigned, which has now resulted in saving time of people as over 150 vehicles can pass during the signal break. Earlier they had to stop there.

Inspector Sathe was earlier posted in Yerwada in 2008 and he was instrumental in installing traffic signal at Golf Course chowk as well as divider barricades till Shastrinagar chowk.

Sandeep Yadav who works in TSYS Company, located nearby the chowk, said that now commuters are relieved. “Many companies are located on the road between Shastrinagar chowk and Golf Course chowk. They have no option but use the same route. Earlier during peak hours it used to take 20 minutes to come out but now, people can take left turn without stopping at the signal.”