Long awaited and most welcomed news for all abroad aspiring students from Pune

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Pune, September 12, 2019 : The newly appointed Boris Johnson Govt in UK has announced the most awaited post-study work rights to be offered to international students for two years post-graduation, with enrolments from the 2020/21 academic year set to benefit from this new immigration rule.

To the best features of this news, we contacted Mr. Braj Bhushan Jha who is highly experienced in this field and has worked with several consultancies. He has also served in Times Group as International Head. We tried to bring down the gist of news from him in a questionnaire format for great understanding.

Q- How many students are looking for UK as a study destination from Pune?

Braj Sir – There is very high and intellectual crowd from Pune who wish to study abroad from a very good institution where they can get good returns on the investment with high value studies. Now when UK has opened the door for employment after studies then I am sure thousands of students will get the advantage of it from Pune.

Q- Who are eligible for this Post Study Work Visa in UK?

Braj Sir – Any student who studies all courses including STEM in UK are eligible to avail 2 years PSW.

Q- Which intake students would be favored for this PSW?

Braj Sir- Any student qualifying on the above criteria can avail this starting from 2020-21 intake.

Q- Is this eligible for any particular study?

Braj Sir- Any student who is studying UG or PG course in STEM including all other are eligible for the PSW.

Q- Is this guaranteed PSW to all the UG and PG students?

Braj Sir- Yes. The students studying STEM course and landing into relevant jobs in UK are preferred to avail 2 years’ PSW.

Q- Is there any TAP on the number of applicants for PSW?

Braj Sir – The good news is that there is no upper limit in availing PSW in UK unlike USA.

Q – Can I avail PSW after doing any short term vocational course?

Braj Sir- No. The student should be studying on TIER 4 visa to avail the PSW.

Q- Can I increase the duration of PSW?

Braj Sir – There are possibilities of this too. There are some set of Universities in UK which provide 1 year internship along with the course. If you avail such courses then in that case your study duration would be like:  1 year study+ 1 year Internship+2 years’ PSW = total 4 years opportunity to stay in UK.

Q- Does UK have so much job availability?

Braj Sir – Post Brexit, UK is going to be the brightest option for studying abroad. The UK already issues more skilled worker visas to Indian nationals than to the rest of the world combined, the Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes said ,”Under the new system, operating from 2021, we will always be open to the brightest and best from India, who wishes to come to live and work in the UK.”