10 Tips by new mother who tested COVID positive on how to handle the crisis

Nikita Wable
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Pune, July 19, 2020: While the pandemic, extended lockdowns and restricted unlock phases is making everyone stir crazy, the news of being tested coronavirus disease (COVID-19) positive is scarier. The first reaction would obviously be anxiety and panic. However, a new mother of an infant who was tested positive along with her child recently, suggests the opposite to fight the deadly virus. Nikita Wable, an independent digital media specialist and her five-month-old daughter was tested COVID positive on June 25.

The 29-year-old new mother shares her story with Punekarnews.in to help others keep sane in this difficult time.

Like any other infected person, her first reaction was ‘disbelief and panic’. Wable said, “after having taken all the necessary precautions and more, like any of us with a toddler around us would do, we still contracted the virus. Our home was stocked with immunity boosters, sanitisers, disinfectants and a lot of panics (from my end) amidst the pandemic.”

Wable showed the symptoms of COVID-19, “I developed a cough, followed by fever the next day, so I immediately distanced myself from the family and got tested at home along with my husband, mom and daughter. To our sheer shock, we all tested positive,” she said. She recalled the places visited and how she might have contracted the disease. “The only place I had been to during the lockdown was my parents’ home in the same building, taking the elevator, and to the hospital for vaccinations, besides running a few grocery errands. And there I was, hit by the ‘deadly COVID-19’, as termed by the media,” said Wable.

After finding out that she was infected by the pandemic, Wable called her daughter’s paediatrician, and whose calm helped her reduce worry by a bit, she stated. nikita wable

“I was symptomatic and had lost sense of smell and taste, was nauseous and weak, and was yet advised to continue breastfeeding as my body was generating antibodies to fight the virus, and they’d be passed on to the baby. I was asked to sanitise hands/use gloves and mask myself during feeds. We were also told to keep the day to day tasks on at normalcy so that the baby doesn’t sense something’s amiss,” said Wable.


“My daughter didn’t know what she had encountered. It’s time we stop stressing and fight it with all wish and will. Stay safe, not afraid!” she added. Following all the norms placed forth by the medical advisors, they finally tested negative on day 14.

Wable shared the list of do’s and don’ts that she followed during the health crisis:

1) Chill (Overthinking leads to stress, which affects your immunity)

2) Masked feeds- 8 out of 10 times she pulled off my mask, and I let her have her way, didn’t want her to sense worry.

3) All worn clothes made their way to the hot water machine wash every 12 hours. Sheets and covers, every 2-3 days.

4) Alcohol-based sanitizer spray was sprayed at every nook and corner of the house every 2-3 days. More often in washrooms, and areas of frequent use.

5) Signed up for a very healthy meal plan with trusted service providers, who delivered 3 meals a day. Didn’t waste any energy cooking, as stamina is already really low.

6) Cleaned floors and furniture with Sodium Hypochlorite solution on day 7 and 14.

7) Regular intake of Haldi milk, ginger tea and Kaadha (slow brewing of all spices in the masala box at home).

8) Steam

9) Medications as prescribed- mostly a combination of vitamin c with zinc, some multivitamins and antibiotics for symptomatic patients.

10) My baby was on absolutely no medications, only feeds, and she fought the virus.